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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Snowbasin Unveils Development Plans

2400 more units in Ogden Valley!

The Weber County Forum is on the ball with the late breaking story.  Read it before it hits the Standard Examiner's news stands Saturday morning.

Read the latest here:

Standard-Examiner: Snowbasin Suddenly Gets Back Into the Resort Development Game 

Rudi offers his expert analysis along with some savvy and cranky advice for the Ogden Valley-ites.

"Fifty years"? My ass. This new development will be in the forefront immediately.

If Ogden Valley residents thought they had a tough time with Western America Holding (WAH), wait until they get a load of the heavyweight Sinclair Oil, while it jockeys for position to overdevelop its mountain to the hilt.

For those Ogden Valley residents who still desire a rural mountainesque atmosphere, we'll suggest they might consider buying land in Montana... or maybe Alaska. Even Siberia, maybe.
Sadly, with the cowardly buckling of the Weber County Commission, it's likely that the die is cast; and that the bucololic Ogden Valley of our recent memories may soon be no more.
While we are at it, we will put in a gentle plug for one of our favorite Ogden Valley Books entitled "Bargaining For Eden" by Stephen Trimble.  The book is Mr. Trimble's rendition of how Earl Holding was able to acquire the SnowBasin land in the first place with a little help from his friends.   Amazon is practically giving the book away and it is displayed in our left sidebar.

Be sure to weigh in on this riveting late breaking development news from Earl's Lodge.


Grizelda said...

These plans by Snow Basin have been around for a while. However, the danger is now when they plan for the future, there is no incentive to purchase TDRs as they did before.

Now that Powder Mountain was handed the development rights without TDRs, why should Snow Basin pay for them any more when they can get the zoning by showing that Powder Mountain received them for free.

Once again, you can thank our feckless Weber County Commissioners for this turn of events. Remember to thank Jan Zogmaister in November by voting for Drew Johnson.

Time For Representation said...

Dump Zogmaister. Vote T.R. Morgan Seat A in November.