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Monday, June 14, 2010

Snowbasin Development Update

Our friends at the Weber County Forum provide us with an update of Snow Basin's development plans

From the June 12 post at the Weber County Forum, we read:

As a followup to our June 4, 2010 article, wherein we reported the Snow Basin has now gone public with plans to follow Powder Mountain's lead, and to commence its own massive new development on the southern edge of Ogden Valley, one of our alert readers has transmitted to us some supplementary data which will no doubt be of great interest to those readers who are concerned about overdevelopment in and around Ogden Valley.

Take a look at the Snow Basin proposal online here (caution, gentle readers; this is a 140 MB file, and thus takes a while to load):
May 6, 2010 Snow Basin Plan
And for a quick overview, check out this graphic, which characterizes what they want to do where Trappers Loop ends in Ogden Valley:

As usual, Rudi has outdone himself once again.

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