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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rebuttal to the Guest Commentary regarding the UEG (Utahns for Ethical Government) in the Ogden Valley News

Ms. Warburton has decided she knows best how to deal with the unethical behavior by some of our elected legislators in Utah. Specifically, her plan is to do nothing and leave any remedial action on unethical behavior for the Utah legislature to police itself.

Ms. Warburton in her attack on the UEG petition clearly indicates that, like so many of the legislature members that oppose this petition, she does not understand the desire of most Utah citizens to reform a system that encourages payoffs from lobbyists and favors big business and developers.

Mrs. Warburton's "position paper" has been refuted point-by-point in other forums, yet she continues to spout these untruths, half-truths, and outright misreadings of the petition as if she actually believes she is still correct.

First of all Ms. Warburton is a political activist who fully supports the existing Real Estate/Developer backed legislators that have lost touch with the people of Utah. She supports those legislators and candidates that personify the no limit growth and political favors that have resulted in the degradation of our open spaces and our unique Utah lifestyle.

We must all ask ourselves, what is it that Ms. Warburton and many of our elected legislators fear regarding the Ethics Petition? If we can improve our legislative process by removing the unwanted lobbyists’influence and payoff politics, won’t that be a benefit to all?

Anyone that feels fear from ethics reform can attack a petition and try to discredit it. They are missing the point. There is a rising wave of active citizens in Utah that are fed up with “pay as you go legislation” and unethical behavior from many of our elected officials. Our Utah legislators have already demonstrated their disdain for meaningful ethics reform.

If the UEG petition is successful in gaining the necessary signatures to be on the ballot then the citizens of Utah will decide if they want strong ethics reform. It may also force the Utah legislature to pass meaningful ethics reform before the election or suffer the wrath of voters who have been painfully learning over the years that in Utah, lobbyists and money talk, and the big money wins every time.

It is no accident that the incumbent powers in Utah tried to exclude electronic petition signatures, but were recently handed a defeat in a courageous ruling by the Utah Supreme Court. Ask yourself, why would these incumbent politicians fear the electronic signatures of Utah citizens? It is obvious that they fear too much participation by the citizens in government decisions. How do you feel about that?

Larry Zini

Frank Cumberland


Laura is a nutjob said...

Has anyone heard rants from "Nutcase Laura" about Obama nor being a citizen? How about John McCain? If you've been on Laura's email list for very long, you've read a bout this.

And what about this sheer cookiness from Laura Warburton?

I guess a message from the President of the United States, encouraging kids to stay in school, will, in Ms. Warburton's crazed brain, lead to communism.

Sensible as the citizens of Ogden Valley are, we all need to recognize that here's always a political nutjob in every town.

Grizelda said...

Right on point guys. Laura Warburton has been a shill for Gage Froerer and Kerry Gibson from the start. She fronts for these politicians that want no change and business as usual. It is not surprising that she would try to stop a petition on

We should all recall the recent fiasco with Powder Mountain and the poor performance of our local legislator that could not even get his bill out of committee unless the Valley residents were willing
to shell out the hard cash to a lobbyist. That is what we need to change.

Ben Hur said...

One thing all voters can do to help is challenge every candidate in this area to take a stand on Ethics Reform in Utah. You will learn a lot from their response.

I would like to see a face to face debate between Amy Wicks and Kerry Gibson on that matter. Also between Drew Johnson and Jan Zogmaister.