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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Report of the June 9th Meeting Regarding the Proposed Residential Treatment Academy

Guest Post by Laurel Kirkham

On June 9th, a meeting was held for all Ogden Valley residents regarding the proposed Green Valley Academy.  The Library was filled to standing room only with concerned citizens who do not want this business or the zoning change that would accompany it.

For those of you folks who are unfamiliar with this proposal, a Residential Treatment Academy for troubled teen boys has asked for a zoning change and conditional use permit so that they can put this business in the home existing at 9096 E. 1300 S. (near the monastery). They would also like to build a 5800 square foot dormitory for housing the students.

This area is zoned FV3, which does allow for a school. The concern, this is a private for profit school that would be treating boys with psychological and social problems. These boys would be brought in from other parts of the country at a cost of $9500.00 per month. This area is a beautiful, rural neighborhood with surrounding homes nearby. This is not a place for a business site.

Concerns of the citizens are many, including, lack of infrastructure to support such a facility ( everyone here is on a well and septic tank), traffic, lights, property depreciation, pollution of the aquifer, safety, etc.

The nearest business from the proposed site is 6 miles away, making this a bad fit for the area. If the FV3 zoning is changed, this type of business could establish anywhere in the valley where it is zoned FV3. This affects nearly 1/3 of the valley, and residents should be very concerned.

On June 22 at 5:00 (in the Weber County building on 24th and Washington) there will be an Ogden Valley Planning Commission meeting where this will be voted on. All Ogden Valley residents should try and attend to voice concern over this proposed zoning change. This is not beneficial to the valley, or in line with the Ogden Valley Master plan, but without support, it could be passed and then we will have nothing to say when one of these businesses wants to go into our backyard.

Please, Ogden Valley, attend the June 22nd meeting and also sign the petition here on the Ogden Valley Forum. Let's keep the development in the valley responsible and beneficial to valley citizens.


We have included the Tax ID numbers of the subject and adjacent properties along with a link to the County web site:



Don't Pay Taxes said...

So the property taxes are delinquent to the tune of $6,442.15 but the Commission is considering a zoning change? There is something drastically wrong with that.

On Time Taxpayer said...

Dear Don't, you shouldn't be surprised about the Commission's actions here. They agreed to the MOU for Powder Mountain (Western American Holding, LLC) while the property taxes on most of the parcels owned by WAH have been delinquent since 2008 per the County's property tax pages.

It's going to be interesting to see how timely WAH will be in paying property taxes when their zoning request is completed, the Agriculture land tax code changes and their property taxes increase. Think they'll turn a new leaf and pay on time???? Duh!

Roll The Dice said...

The property owner is Tryge Simpson. The property is in the name of his LLC, "Huntsville Hillbillies."

Google his name and you will see the big shot from Vegas moved in with the Hillbillies from Huntsville. Perhaps he got a bit over his head?

Look at his real estate purchases in Vegas and elsewhere.

A couple of $400,000+ Las Vegas condos purchased in 2006. Do you suppose the value has depreciated a bit since then?

Hillbilly said...

Their are no Hillbillies in Huntsville. Because there are no hills in Huntsville. And last I knew Tryge Simpson lives on a side road off South Lane. Which is well outside Huntsville Town.

And besides..."Huntsvillians" give "hillbillies" a bad name.

Stop the Blame Game! said...

This comment is meant for "roll the dice," who made negative comments about Mr. Simpson. He shouldn't be singled out in any way for the academy proposal or the fact he's the intended site's owner. When someone puts their house up for sale and another party makes an agreable offer, then it's business. If you were selling your property, you couldn't discriminate against a potential buyer. Leave him out of this.

really??? said...

Really? Are you a Hillybilly too? Leave his name out of this? If it weren't for his outrageous, out of character development castle... which was obviously NOT within his means, this community would not be fighting this. Think about it, develop what you know you can afford. If not, don't leave it to your neighbors to somehow dig you out.

Stop the Blame Game said...

To "Roll of the Dice."

Are you forgetting how many empty forclosed homes are in the valley due to the econmy? Mr. Simpson isn't the only one going through hard times. If one of the forclosed owners had sold to the same academy before the banks took over, you'd blame him too. It hurts everyone when someone succumbs to foreclosure, and if Mr. Simpson can avoid that, it's better for property values in the long run. Blaming isn't productive, and usually reflects the one doing the blaming.

84317 said...

For some geography, Huntsville is typically considered to be the area south of the Middle Fork river. The town of Huntsville falls within those boundaries as does the house owned by Huntsville Hillbillies. This area is serviced by the Huntsville post office (zip code 84317).

Roll The Dice said...

"Stop the Blame Game"

Are you reading something into my short post?

I did call the property owner a "big shot from Vegas" but is that a negative comment?

Mr. Simpson would probably be honored to be called a big shot from Vegas. Steve Wynn is a big shot from Vegas too.

I simply stated that he may be a bit over his head as many are these days. You even pointed that out.

Were these the negative comments that prompted your two replies or did you think I inferred something else?