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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Stop The Green Valley Academy in Ogden Valley Utah Petition Available For Signing

Huntsville residents concerned about a school for troubled teens have started a petition drive and could use your help.  The proposed school would be located in Southeast Huntsville although we hear the directors of the academy have a couple of backup locations just in case the Huntsville site doesn't pan out.  It could be coming to your neighborhood next, so pay close attention.

We have placed the petition over in the Petition Center which is located on the right sidebar.  You can also click here to sign the petition and support the cause.


Seeking truth said...

(I'm duplicating this comment, since I've learned annonymous comments will be deleted)

Please research wisely!
I'd like to mention that people are sending emails with misinformation about the academy and its plans, and asking citizens to sign a petition, based on slanderous misinformation. The source of the emails is relaying inaccuracies regarding the number of students accepted, to the types of students who would be housed in such a facility. It's important not to spread fear, so if you seek truth, come to a meeting at the library on Thursday at 7:30, where program directors will freely address your concerns.

Dr. Kildare said...

152 signatures to date is a pretty good indication that many residents have concerns about this facility going into their residential area.

Don't you wonder if the Weber County Commissioners and advocates for this place would like it next to their home?

Don't be too surprised if the WCC approves this conditional use change. It is not in their back yard!