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Friday, July 17, 2009

Read it and Weep!

Understand this map and pitch in to help. Not only to help the homeowners that are being forced into the town without a vote, but also to protect the ambience and beauty of Ogden Valley.

The red area clearly delineates the proposed town of Powder Mountain if the incorporation is approved. Powder Mountain has indicated that they wish to put about 10,000 units in the lower red area from left to right. These would be on 1/3 acre lots. Be aware that the proposed town planning commission of Powder Mountain can ignore the existing Weber County ordinances regarding density, ridge lines, and lot size since they can make their own zoning decisions!

Your support for the legal case for the affected homeowners could stop this from happening!

Act now! If you wish to contribute with a donation please send your check to:

Citizens Rights Defense Fund

PO Box 231

Eden, UT 84310

Or contact Darla Van Zeben 801-745-4740

Check out their website:


Skeets said...

Well Valley, you certainly got my attention. Thank you for your clear explanation of what could happen to our Valley.

I hope my fellow Valley residents are willing to help stop this from happening.

I don't know how Powder Mountain could consider themselves responsible people if they go forward with such a plan. I wonder if it could be the money?

Macro view said...

To all those whom it may concern:

This whole problem (Powderville) has been caused by a Utah Realtor Association co-opted legislature.

A legislature consisting of mostly bought and paid for senators and representatives by the Utah Realtor Association's lobby money. This lobby money, in the tens of millions, is fed to campaign finance donations either directly or indirectly through falsely named PACs, such as the ironically named "Citizens for Private Property Rights" and so forth.

Remember the "Friends of Utah Real Estate" PAC recently in Ogden politics? The Utah Realtor Association also buy real estate advertising costing into the tens of millions weekly, which feeds the local print media making them a part of the scheme. Editorial boards and owners therefore unwilling to expose the corruption statewide and at every level of government and thereby "bite the hand that is feeding them". Or most recently serving as a lifeline to financially strapped news organizations.

It is all about money.

And it is ironic that this corrupt organization and polluted legislature has the gall to actually claim they are "for private property rights"!

Unless Utah citizens wake up to the racketeering and corruption going on, headed surreptitiously by the Utah Realtor Association (Kyler, Kohler, and Ostermiller ... Neiderhauser and about 30 more bankers and Realtor/developers elected as legislators, commissioners, planning board members, "people at every level of government" passing real estate and developer friendly legislation/ordanances/covenants.

Unless we toss every elected person with Realtor/developer associations, out of every level of government; (local town, township, city, county, and state) and every economic advisory commission, league (of Utah Cities and Towns), county commission, RAMP grant advisory boards, etc.), we will continue to be sheep led to the slaughter. With Realtor/developers and Bankers and their lapdog legislators, commissioners, mayors, council people, advisory boards, etc. being bailed out by a broad collusion and conspiritorial "brotherhood" of self-interested and corrupt individuals using your and my tax dollars and creidt cards.

They have been getting by with it for ten years or more thanks to the local culture's adversion too "questioning any authority".

Those of you who are transplants and therefore likely cultural novices must figure out a way to put some backbone or fortitude into the majority and quickly. Without it, things will continue to get worse until the straw breaks the camel's back. And by then we will be paying 100% of our income tax, 55 to 80% of our ever increasing property taxes (we already are by the way!), plus half of your sales taxes and all of your fees to these same people who are misleading Utah's economy straight into special interest's bank accounts.

Now the State Executive branch, the Governor to be come the end of this month is a Realtor/Developer. Stand by Utah the weight of the Camel just got much heavier!

Envision Freedom said...


So the message is "there is so much money involved and at stake", the Powderville scam involuntary citizens will be dragged into an uncontrolled and oppressive tax den to fund the cruds who claim to be for private property rights?

And there is nothing a meager volunteer effort to raise sufficient money for more lawyers can do, who if they had any sense of right and wrong, or of community, would be lining up to provide their legal assistance pro bono?

With lawyers like Chad MacKay, Curtis, Cumberland, Webster, Sykes, Hoyt, plus many more who live in Ogden Valley, what does it say about them? The legal "profession" in Ogden? In Ogden Valley? In Utah?

With virtually no comments offered either on this blog or on the Weber County Forum, what does it say about Weber County, Ogden, or Ogden Valley citizen support?

Where is Senator Allen Christensen? Where are is Senator Jon Greiner? Where is Scottt Jenkins? Where is Representative Gage Froerer, D. Gregg Buxton, Brad Dee, Kerry Gibson, Neil Hansen, LaWanna Shurtliff, all current or prior legislators who are supposed to be concerned when citizens of Weber County (let alone any Utahn) are being disenfranchised by laws they were responsible for having helped pass?

It says only a few "transplants", generally mostly from California, even recognize there is a problem with how Utah operates and what is now considered "just normal business" in this State.

It says there is no legal professional willing to do the right thing; to defend their own and their neighbor's Constitutional rights.

It says Utahns are mostly a flock of mesmerized sheeple unable to see beyond their own apathy.

It says Utah's print media are almost completely inept and incompetent and unwilling to do contentious investigative journalism.

And it says a culture which professes fairness and religious superiority is simply overwhelmed by its own propaganda and mind-numbing pace of inward and self preservation of power and control/authority over good and decent members.

All in all not a very pretty picture for the future.

Time to send all the above legislators plus the Mayor and all his cronies and appointees packing. Time to cancel subscriptions to a newpaper until it has the will and fortitude to preform like a traditional newspaper and not like some pathetic whipped dog doormat for special interests.

Time to stand and every election at every level until these whimps who are either a part of or intimidated by the special interests are turned out of office.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who is involved in the investment group called Pronea? Don't know if the spelling is right. Are they part of the Powder Mountain Development group?