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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Valley Citizens Questions

Below are questions that were asked at our Citizen's Rights booths in both in Huntsville and Liberty on July 4th. These questions reflect legitimate concerns of Valley citizens regarding this onerous incorporation.

1. If Powder Mountain really wishes to be a good neighbor in Ogden Valley as they claim, why is the word on the street in the Valley that they are offering $750,000 to the new town after incorporation if the town residents agree to sign off on the development of up to 10,000 home sites on 1/3 of an acre lots along the base of the mountains facing the Valley?

2. As “good neighbors”, why would they continue to advance a plan that will totally overwhelm the density numbers in the Ogden Valley Master Plan?

3. Will there be any financial gain for Alvin Cobabe or anyone in the Cobabe extended family if the town incorporation is successful?

4. Why was a Cobabe family member appointed by the Weber County Commissioners to the Ogden Valley Planning Commission just prior to the Powder Mountain petition appearing on the OVPC agenda? It should have been obvious to the Weber County Commission that the conditions for conflict of interest were inherent with such an appointment.

5. Why was the Cobabe family member on the Ogden Valley Planning Commission never directed to recuse herself on any issue regarding the Powder Mountain rezone petition?

6. The Powder Mountain developer has never satisfactorily addressed the single road issue. What do they propose to do with the road that is not designed to safely handle the projected increased traffic? What about fire or an avalanche that could trap many summer users or skiers at the top with no alternative way to get out?

7. Do the Powder Mountain developers have the financial resources to build what they say they are going to build or are they going to flip the property (sell) if and when the zoning is changed?

Don't be bashful Ogden Valley Citizens, speak out in our comment section!


Thomas Paine said...

As a reader of the blog and a Valley citizen, I challenge the Powder Mountain developers to respond to these questions if they have the guts!

They are willing to destroy the charm and ambiance of Ogden Valley to satisfy their greed.

What do you have to say Powder Mountain?

The Viking said...

It is apparent that the Powder Mountain developers are laying low since most of their sneaky objectives have been exposed.

They have no interest in the well being of Ogden Valley or its residents. They are out to make big time bucks on any venture and you can be sure that the some people in the Powder Mountain area will make big time money as well.