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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Banner Day on the 4th of July!

Ogden Valley residents turned out in good numbers in Huntsville, Eden, and Liberty for their pancake breakfasts and other holiday events. The evening was capped off with three terrific firework shows in each locale.

Many generous Ogden Valley citizens donated some of their hard earned cash to support the Citizens Rights Defense Fund. This fund has been established to support the legal battle for homeowners that are fighting the good fight against their forced incorporation into the proposed Powder Mountain town. The Huntsville and Liberty parades each had a float supporting the Powder Mountain homeowners and their cause.

This proposed town incorporation will have serious ramifications well beyond these homeowners being forced into the town. If the zoning is changed at Powder Mountain by the town officials after any incorporation, the ripple effect to Ogden Valley will impact all of us. The announced plans by the developers will overwhelm the density (dwellings) numbers of the existing Ogden Valley General Plan. We will also be looking at a significant traffic increase in our favorite living and recreation area. From that point on, our area could become another Park City!

If you wish to contribute with a donation please send your check to:

Citizens Rights Defense Fund

PO Box 231

Eden, UT 84310

Or contact Darla Van Zeben 801-745-4740

Check out their website:

1 comment:

Red Dog said...

I hope all of the citizens reflect on what may happen if this incorporation succeeds. It will change our lifestyle in the Valley forever and not for the better. More traffic, more pollution and less water for Valley residents. This is a no brainer for Valley residents to oppose this incorporation move. Once they change the zoning, there is no going back. I suggest we support these homeowners and their cause in any way we can.