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Friday, January 18, 2008

Powder Mountain tries end run!

The following article in today’s Salt Lake Tribune clearly demonstrates that the owners of Powder Mountain are determined to ignore or bypass the conditions recommended on their rezone petition by the Ogden Valley Planning Commission.

It is also clear they do not want the residents of Ogden Valley who will be the most affected by this rezone, or their representatives, to have a say on density or traffic issues.

Your VCRD Staff

Petition filed to create town of Powder Mountain
By Kristen Moulton
The Salt Lake Tribune 1/18/08

The owners of Powder Mountain Ski Resort, frustrated with delays in securing permission for a 4,400-acre rezoning, this morning filed a petition with Weber County to incorporate as a new town.

Scott Doughman, one of the owners, said in a news release that the law allowing incorporation ensures the resort's property rights are fairly represented in local government.

The resort last month wrested endorsement for the rezoning from the Ogden Valley Township Planning Commission, but there were many strings attached. The Planning Commission, for instance, wants the owner to essentially build a second road into the resort. The Weber County Commission had expected to take up the proposed rezoning this spring.

Powder Mountain's new owners want to transform the resort that straddles the Weber and Cache county line with 18 new ski lifts; 2,700 houses, condos and town houses; 385 motel rooms; corporate retreats, lodges, retail shops and restaurants; and golf courses.

In the news release today, Doughman said "The Town of Powder Mountain is the next step in a logical evolution of the vision residents have for this community."

The Weber County Commission would have final say over the rezoning and development plans, but incorporation would allow Powder Mountain to have its own planning commission.


Anonymous said...

Does Powder Mountain have at least 100 full time residents? I think that is the requirement to form a new town. Does anybody know?

webmster said...

Wow! I have already written all 3 county commissioners, separately, in December. A 2nd road is the only way. I whole-heartedly believe that a 2nd year-round road is critical to mitigate the increased dangers/risks associated with increasing the "size of the bottle" while maintaining an ultra-narrow bottleneck. Even with the new Trappers Loop, a 2nd route (Vista through Sunridge & Evergreen) would be necessary.

smells like.... said...

I would highly doubt there are 100 full time residents, and if they claim there are, I would highly question their credibility.

Oh, but wait, we know they have absolutely no credibility or integrity.

Anonymous said...

The law apparently says that if more than 50% of the land area and more than 50% of the property value in the boundary requests incorporation then it can be approved without petitions and elections (which is the normal process).

This heavy handed attempt by Powder Mountain to circumvent the zoning process and bypass the people and representatives in Ogden Valley that will be most affected by this development does not change the facts about the development. It puts the Valley at even a greater risk of uncontrolled density and traffic since the Weber County Commission will not have any input on zoning or development in a Township.

Anonymous said...

What say you NOW, vcrd?

Anonymous said...

Apparently there are not 100 full-time residents, even the Lythgoes do not live up there. There are more like 10 adults that live up full-time at the resort.