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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Powder Mountain to Meet with Paradise residents and Property Tax Fight to Heat Up

Powder Mountain developers seem intent on catering to Cache Valley residents while snubbing Ogden Valley residents. Why? Probably because Powder Mountain's plans do not involve encroaching upon Cache Valley's floor. The developers can stand with a straight face and tell Cache residents that the development will not cause them a hardship.

They cannot tell Ogden Valley residents the same rhetoric.

With that in mind, we just became aware of a meeting Powder Mountain developers are hosting in Hyrum, and we encourage Ogden Valley residents to make the beautiful drive through Sardine canyon to attend.

Here are the details of the Powder Mountain meeting that will be held at:

Mountain Crest High School

255 S 800 E

Hyrum, UT 84319

(435) 245-6093 click here for directions from Eden
Thursday, January 10th

6:30 pm.

All interested citizens may attend to hear forth-coming plans.

Also, the Mayor of Paradise was a guest on Cache Valley's KVNU radio recently fielding a call from a resident concerning Huntsville's resolution opposing the zoning change. Click here to listen to the dialog. From that page, you will see two audio clips and the Powder Mountain conversation is in the initial 3 minutes of the first (or top) recording.

Property Tax Revolt

The property tax revolt will be heating up soon as the General Legislative Session begins January 21st. Be prepared to join our local tax revolt leader, D-Bell, aka Minor Machman, as we turn up the heat on legislators.

Apathy has set in and we must speak up now to avoid another year of outrageous taxes. Some among us have not paid their taxes because they could not afford the increase - we must unify and insist on a legislative change. Here is one of the best articles in months regarding the broken tax system. Be ready to march up State street and rally on the Capital steps - there is power in numbers!

Be informed and get involved!

Start by visiting these sites and sign up for email updates:

We will conclude by listing some priorities and options for improvement discussed during a December property tax meeting hosted by John Primbs at the Ogden Valley library. Senator Alan Christensen and Representative Gage Froerer were both in attendance. Click here to view the list of priorities and options.

That same evening, several working groups were created. Click here to view the groups and let Mr Primbs know if you would like to offer your assistance.

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