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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Powder Mountain Meets with 100 town's people and Legislative opposition.

In the first of its kind meeting South of Cache Valley, Powder Mountain met with a hand picked few residents last night who would reside in the proposed new town of 100. About 75 or so were said to be in attendance. Be sure to read our friend Rudi's explanation of the "haphazard" (aka "half assed") rendevouz from yesterday's Weber County Forum.

Powder Mountain has met and catered to Cache Valley residents on more than one occasion, but has continually snubbed Ogden Valley residents - the same residents who will take the brunt of the negative results related to the massive development.

Not to disappoint us, the owners and petitioners for the new town were suspiciously "no shows." Instead, their young and beautiful public relations firm and a lawyer, all dressed up as "project managers," ran the show.

The Standard's Marshall Thompson provides an excellent rundown along with information of pending legislation intended to correct the gross inequities of HB 466.

Apparently the heavily Realtor weighted legislature passed HB 466 last year unanimously, but did not realize the potential loopholes. The loopholes have surfaced in other areas of the state as well.

Powder Mountain and their shrewd team of lawyers and consultants, lobbed a scud missile through the gigantic loopholes last Friday when they filed to incorporate as a town, bypassing county planning and red tape.

Cache Valley resident and State Senator Lyle Hillyard, lawyer and consultant for Powder Mountain, said via email to the Standard,

"Powder Mountain did not involve me in their decision to form a new city (in Weber County). If they do the same for Cache, I expect that they will no longer need my services."

Hillyard agrees that HB 466 needs some changes.

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Liberty Resident said...

I have questions about whom, with our economy like it is, would be able to do a project this large, unless the money is from over sea's.

Also this would explain the reason there is not concern for the environment nor the lack of travel ability.

How can they reach into Eden and include residents whom do not want to be.

This is going to be an extensive TAX BURRDEN on all of Weber County.

Minor Machman said...

I suggest anyone who thinks otherwise take a look at Huntsville Town and the tax rates. Although we provide (pay)funding for our own public safety Sheriff's Deputies, fire district, water both culinary and secondary, street and road maintenance, animal control, building inspections, etc. we have a higher tax rate than Eden, Liberity or unincorporated Huntsville areas. When asked what "services" would we not receive if we dis incorporated the County Auditor (Dan Olsen) finally admitted, "None", meaning we are in fact being taxed higher and paying double for services. Our taxes pay for the County building and the employee's salaries in it. I do not think any of you want to find yourselves in that same 'fix'. Eden was wise to not incorporate last time and those areas being annexed into the Powder Mountain Town via HB 466 need to fight like hell. Hire a lawyer if you need to but fight like hell is my best advice. MM

Anonymous said...

One good thing will come of this incorporation if it happens, Jamie Lythgoe will be removed from the OVPC. She cannot remain on the commission since she will not live in an unincorporated area.

Good bye and good riddance, we are happy that you won't be able to contaminate the Valley process with your dishonest Conflict of interest influence. That will always be her legacy.