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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ogden Valley Planning Commission Meeting tonight!

The OVPC meeting will be held this evening, and once again several important items are on the agenda.

A rock crusher is being proposed for the Trapper's Crossing Subdivision in Huntsville, and a zoning petition has been filed for property on the Old Snowbasin Road near Ski Lake Village.

Also, a Chair and Vice Chair will be elected.

Click here to see the agenda in its entirety, but be sure to attend this 4:30 PM meeting.

At a minimum, this meeting should prove entertaining as it is the first meeting since Planning Commissioner Jamie Lythgoe signed the petition of incorporation for Powder Mountain Town.

From the Standard Examiner, "Lythgoe, whose family founded Powder Mountain and sold most of their land to the current developers, stirred up a controversy when she refused to recuse herself while the OVPC considered the resort’s expansion plans. Even though about 200 acres of her family’s land was included in the resort proposal, she denied any conflict of interest. Eventually, she abstained from voting and her family’s property was removed from the plans.

Louis Cooper, chairman of the planning commission, said he was surprised by Lythgoe’s involvement. “It’s kind of interesting that she would be one of the petitioners,” he said. “But things change, and situations change, and maybe she decided things are different now.”

Lythgoe said she signed the petition to see how the plans would develop. She said it is too early to tell if she would run for mayor or town council. “I have a feeling of curiosity about what it all means,” she said.

Now let's see, she is a planning commissioner who denied any conflict of interest, but eventually recused herself from a vote, only after all other commissioners had voted affirmatively.

Now she signs a petition for incorporation, but doesn't know "what it all means?"

You cannot buy this kind of entertainment folks!


Anonymous said...

If this isn't a classic example of a Conflict of Interest stuffed in the face of Weber County official's, It is hard to imagine what would be!

Ms. Lythgoe signed a petition to incorporate a town that undermines the work and dedication of the very Commission she sat on throughout this rezone process. And now her excuse is she signed it as a "Business Decision". Duh! That makes it a certified Conflict of Interest!

The tepid response from Louis Cooper to this outrage is a clear indication of how poorly the OVPC can police their own members on a conflict
issue. Where is Monet Hurtado hiding?????? Anyone heard from her?

Anonymous said...

I am anxiously waiting to hear what Jamie had to say at the meeting last night. Until now, I had given her the benefit of the doubt. I am so disappointed in her actions with regard to "Powder Mountain town" --complete disregard for any accountability to the surrounding people and environment, and is stealing rights away from the people Jamie is supposed to represent. I guess she has shown her true colors. GET HER OUT OF THE PLANNING COMMISSION!!!!

nomo PowMow said...

Can anyone report on the OVPC meeting last night? I understand that Jamie was not at the Powder Mountain Town meeting, so she must have been fullfilling her dual roll as a Planning commissioner. Dual role as in Town Incorporation Pioneer and Planning commissioner for the same potential "town."

Nothing like playing both ends of the fiddle.

Make it easy on everyone, Ms. Lythgoe. RESIGN from your conflicted position on the Planning commission. That will give you more time to devote to your new town. Your 100 new resident neighbors will appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm, as they know your motives are "Pure."