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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

PM's Closed Door Meeting

Wow, Powder Mountain is finally going to meet with some Ogden Valley Residents but they refuse to do it in an open meeting forum. It will be interesting to see if they even allow the press in the meeting. It should be noted that Powder Mountain has chosen to avoid talking to most Ogden Valley residents at all about their plans to this point.

You see folks, they don't want anyone to see what may turn out to be a very negative response to this town incorporation idea from affected residents so they want to limit the audience. They are not thinking clearly, since all the information from the meeting will get out to the public sector anyway.

Without question they intend to dangle sweet incentives to try and influence the residents affected.
We would just like to see them come up with a solution to the Powder Mountain road issue. They have not been able to solve that issue and that failure has led them to choose to try to incorporate a town so they could bypass any Weber County oversight on their development.

This issue is not a done deal, and citizens of Ogden Valley and Weber County will have a say on what will be done at Powder Mountain.

"Speak up for what you want, or take what you get"!

Larry and Sharon Zini


RudiZink said...

As a blogger, YOU'RE a member of the press, Larry. I hope you'll show up tonight at the meeting, wherever it is, and assert the public's right to have a journalist present to record the event.

Larry Zini said...

Rudi, I would have loved to go,but we had other issues to deal with at the OVPC meeting tonight in Ogden. I know M. Thompson of the Std Ex was going to be there.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, there was no information presented at that meeting. It was a complete waste of time. They had some underlings with no answers there. I guess they just wanted to hear what some of the people they were affecting had to say, so they would know how to spin it.

Anonymous said...

No surprise on the meeting. The owners dared not show even though this had to be a very important meeting for their cause. It is clear that they view the citizens involved with disdain and have no real regard for their views.

We can hardly wait for a general meeting for the citizens of Ogden Valley on this issue. (don't hold your breath).

Outraged Citizen said...

How can we find the proper channels to have Jamie removed from the planning commission? Also, if successful, how do we ensure that someone who has the valley interests at heart, not their own, is put into the vacant position. There's no sense in getting one realtor removed just to have another added. On a side note, the County commissioners are elected, yes? If so, and if they fail to act, when is their next election? It's time for the people of Ogden Valley to take back control of our valley from those looking to do nothing more than fill thier own and the county's pockets.

Anonymous said...

To Outraged Citizen and others....... If you want to have Lythgoe removed, contact the Weber County Commissioners. They appoint all OVPC Commissioners and it has now become apparent that the leadership of the OVPC will not deal with this conflict of Interest issue. We should also consider Impeachment of Ms. Lythgoe and that would bring out to the public sector all documentation and information about her obvious conflict interest behavior.

Jamie's got a gun (aka conflict) said...

Can she be "impeached" since she was "appointed?"

We think not and hope that she can be removed, one way or the other, but it will probably take excessive pressure in the form of phone calls, email and letters to the commissioners.

outraged citizen said...

Hmmm, once again my emails to the Commissioners has not gone through. It seems strange that the emails to them do not work on repeated occassions.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I just received an e-mail back from Commissioner Dearden. He said he would look into how or if a commission member can be removed and said he would get back to me.
No word from the other two Commissioners yet. *Please continue to contact them on this.* BTW,Webster's New World Dictionary lists "conflict of interest" as: "a conflict between one's obligation to the public good and one's self-interest, as in the case of a public officeholder who owns stock in a company seeking government contracts." Classic example here.

Anonymous said...

There is something very wrong with County Government if an appointed OVPC Commissioner cannot be removed by those who put her in the job in the first place. There is no question that her signing of the incorporation petition was motivated by a business decision for her and her family. Bring pressure to bear on the 3 Weber County Commissioners.