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Saturday, January 19, 2008

HB 466, the NEFARIOUS Realtor Lobbyists and much more....

UPDATES at end of post

Some interesting comments were posted on the Utah Wingmen for Property Tax Reforum site relating to HB 466:

"Rozinante said...
I find it very "interesting" if not coincidental that the Senator who sponsored HB 466, which makes it easier for a developer to incorporate an area into a Town. And then lets the developers pick who will be on the town council and planning commission once a new town has been formed, was sponsored by Senator Sheldon Killpack (R) Dist 21 (Davis County). And guess who was the single highest non political contributor to his campaign? ANSWER: The Utah Realtor's Association.

Join the Machman in making all our citizens aware of this nefarious realtor/developer influence on our communities."

Machman replied:
They (Realtor Assoc.) may be for private property rights, but they sure as hell are not for environmental controls, air quality, or organized and planned communities or the stability of a community. No they are for profits and fast bucks at the expense of other's property rights, air quality, water quality, and community stability. MM

Speaking of State Senator's, let's not forget that State Senator Lyle Hillyard is a representative of Powder Mountain and also a State Senator who supported HB 466. He is also a Cache Valley resident with a "love for Cache Valley."

It's no wonder he would support this unfettered fiasco on the other side of the mountain, since it will not affect the Valley he loves and will surely equate to a big pay day for him.

Click here for more about HB 466 , including audio debates from the Senate Floor.

To read Cache Valley's KVNU For the People, click here.

Lastly, it appears Powder Mountain strategically filed the petition ahead of the Monday opening of the General Legislative session, since Senator Stowell is planning legislation to change HB 466. Be sure to read the comments at the end of Senator Stowell's post.

UPDATE: 1-21-08 10:30 AM

A must read from the Voice of Deseret Blog site, which includes a fantastic collection of Powder Mountain literary fodder.

And don't miss a post and comments from our friends and neighbors at the Weber County

And we finish up with more arrogance from Powder Mountain's Mark Arnold in the Logan Herald Journal.


NoMo PowMow said...

It's laughable that Arnold blames Huntsville's resolution opposing the rezone as "the straw that broke the camel's back."

Surely they have been strategizing for some time and hoped to circumvent the Ogden Valley Planning Commission months ago, in favor of a developer friendly County commission.

Like Al Qaeda, they were able to get their terrorists on "the inside." One only has to look to Senator Hillyard and Planning Commissioner Jamie Lythgoe (aka "no conflict Jamie").

Do you suppose Barrack Obama is working for Powder Mountain too?

Zeke said...

It is obvious that this incorporation was always planned as a backup move when the Powder Mountain owners could not resolve the road and density issues. It had nothing to do with the Huntsville vote except the vote convinced the PM owners that the representatives of over 600 Valley residents voted to oppose their ill conceived rezone.

Don quixote de la Liberity said...

HB 466 was proposed, sponsored and passed by the legislature that "approves" of the Utah Realty Association by 60%. That means people, that 60% of the people's voice and authority has been smoozed by, paid off by and put literally in office by the Realtor/Developer Association PAC money (more than one million $). They have "people" at all levels of government and it is up to us to remove their "people" FROM every level of Government. Hope you understand this and will act on it at election time. There is a list of these legislators and Froerer is only one of them. Their are many more like Killpack.

Anonymous said...

How do we have Lythgoe removed from the Planning commission?

Weber County attorney Monette Hurtado, Louis Cooper, chair of the OVPC, and others (on the OVPC and elsewhere), continued to support her to the end regarding the conflict issue, and they were HOODWINKED.

Now Cooper states, “But things change, and situations change, and maybe she decided things are different now.”

Nothing changed, as NoMo PowMow said, the developers got "their terrorists on 'the inside.'"

Screwed by big money again! said...

Yes, I too would like to know how to remove Lythgoe from the council since her interests are now well shown to be at conflict with what is best for our soon to be not so lovely valley. Once again those with the money will prevail over the simple folks who seek only to raise there families in a wonderful community with strong moral values.

Valley Girl said...

While we are at it, we need rid developers and realtors from the GEM committee and any other dog and pony show group.

Oh, but wait, isn't "No conflict Jamie" on the GEM committee, too?

Minor Machman said...

The Ogden Valley Resort Ordinance committee was composed of "only invited members" by Kevin Hamilton, a staffer for the Weber County Commissioners. Funny but when I attended (and was asked to not come back as I was not formally invited) their were only resort owners from Snow basin, Powder Mountain, and Wolf Mountain and developers who were "invited" to iteratively write ordinances for themselves. Pathways was also "invited" although I could not fathom why? Beyond the ten to fifteen of them there were two (2) "large land owners" also invited.

Who is minding the store and do they actually have a "mind" needs to be asked of us all as voters.

We truly need to clean house, do whatever is necessary to get five (5) instead of three (3) commissioners for the simple reason that stupidity, malfeasance and gross conflicts of interest are statistically less likely with five (5) commissioners than with only three (3). Oh, and one of the five (5) should be from the "Ogden Valley District" and should not have any ties to Real Estate or Developers. Pretty simple really, just hard to get it done right.

Minor Machman said...

And one more thing. The Ogden Valley Planning Commission members are appointed by the Weber County Commissioners. If you reside in Huntsville (Town) or if the developer succeeds with the Powder Mountain incorporation as a Town using HB 466, you are disqualified from serving on the Ogden Valley Planning Commission. Interesting don't you think? So the way to get rid of Mrs. Jamie Lythgoe is perhaps to petition the Commissioners to have her removed for apparent COI violations and subsequent loss of public confidence. Assuming of course that is true...

Anonymous said...

If all of you want to get Jamie Lythgoe ousted, write to the Weber County Commissioners. They appoint all of the Ogden Valley Planning Commission and tell them that the present leaderdhip on the OVPC will not take the obvious action required after this blantant conflict of interest was exposed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the direction on how to get Jamie Lythgoe out of the Planning Commission. I just wrote to the Commissioners. There is a handy link to their e-mail addresses on the right side of this forum page. Let's get this take care of!

Anonymous said...

I think that it is mind baffling that those who actually think that commissioner Lythgoe had her hands in the Powder Mountain rezoning obviously do not understand nor care to understand how the order of things are done when it comes to rezoning. Hopefully those of you who are passionate about this matter will do more research rather than pointing fingers at people who don’t deserve it.

Anonymous said...

We have time, please explain "how the order of things are done when it comes to rezoning."

Do you understand a conflict of interest when it slaps you in the face?