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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Huntsville Opposes Rezone

The story we broke a about 10 days ago hit the Standard Examiner today in an excellent article by our new Ogden Valley Advocate Marshall Thompson, entitled "Powder Mountain Rezone Blocked." While Huntsville has seemingly taken a hard line stance, they bring up excellent points that the Weber County Commissioners must consider. Today's article generated some discussion in Cache Valley as well.

The resolution addresses density issues, but more importantly a secondary access road. One possible and likely location for the road would be through Vista (near Evergreen and Sunridge) and down South Fork Canyon, thus funneling Powder Mountains projected 10,000+ skiers per day through Huntsville. Not to mention, the increased traffic generated by the proposed 3800 additional housing units. (The Ogden Valley Planning commission did restrict the density as part of their conditional approval, but the Weber County Commission can add or withdraw any or all of the conditions).

Kudos to Huntsville for taking a stand.

On another note, we just heard that Weber School District is seriously considering scrapping the plan to remodel Valley Elementary this summer, and instead build a new Elementary in Eden. The present Valley School has been in the same location since the late 1800's, has endured a fire or two and subsequent rebuilds, and has many irreplaceable amenities nearby such as the library and one of the nicest parks/playgrounds in the State.

While the bus ride may be inconvenient for some on the North side, it would be a travesty to discard the history and legacy of Valley School.


Frank said...

...not to mention that Valley Elementary's principal, everyone's
friend Tommy Lee, could no longer walk to work. Wonder what that would do to his morale and his career choices? I understand he left a cushy admin job at Weber High just so he could walk to work at Valley.


Minor Machman said...

School District (Degroot) says they have a new policy of not building on less than 10 acres. And they suddenly require it all fenced in. They no longer give a damn about the easy access to the new library in Huntsville nor do they recognize the excellent Park as a plus across the street used by the chldren. They are only concerned with the gripes from the Eden/Liberty PTA who complain about having to drive all the way over to Huntsville when they could be dropping kids off in Eden instead. So the Weber School District has obviously decided on their own to build a entirely NEW Elementary school at about twice the costs instead of refurbishing and renovating the Valley Elementary. As an excuse or rationatization our fine Weber County School District Board members have a trumped up claim that they will save 72,000 miles of transporting children over time. This extremely weak kneed and minded rationalization will justify their outrageous disregard of prudent and thrifty husbanding of our tax dollars. "Oh Well...What's another five or ten million? When we are talking about spending 20 million or more? It's just taxpayer money anyway. It's free money and we can do whatever we like without any accountability to anyone." These School District people have a Marie Antionette attitude toward us taxpayers. "Let'm eat cake." We very much need to to figure out a way to "expell these spendthrift" math and management flunkies from our School District Boards and the sooner the better.