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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Lost Dishwasher

One of our humble Huntsville readers sent us this interesting photo. 

The sign is written upon the side of a New dishwasher box and these signs are placed near Huntsville.

What say ye Ogden Valley?  Have you seen this appliance?

UPDATE 1/12/11:  The Ogden Valley News ran a cover story about the missing dishwasher.
The owner stated, "The Dishwasher was inside a trailer.  The latch on the trailer door broke, and when we went around the corner, the door must have opened and the dishwasher slid out.  The dishwasher is an expensive, stainless steel Bosch.  A couple of people called and said they had seen it in the road, and had pushed it off to the side.  By the time we returned home, found that it was missing, and went looking for it, it was gone."


ND said...

Have not seen it a person?

On another note...anyone catch the article in the Valley News about the wall in the canyon...2 stop work orders and they just blatently keep working along....they now have columns set for what looks like a gate....where are the freakin "cops"!

signman said...

Yes, and work seems to be progressing as normal. Is the county run by incompetents?

Ming said...

What this clearly demonstrates is the lack of authority by the executives in Weber County. The scofflaws that do this kind of thing have found with these people that it pays to ask for forgiveness rather than stop what they are doing. Remember the Helicopter operation last year with no permits? Thanks to Zoggy.

ND said...

the west end of that wall really looks like it is on county property when you look at the plat maps and overlay with googster earth....there was a survey crew up there a couple of weeks ago, but I have not seen any changes to the wall...maybe they could put a searchlight on it too and no one would do a thing....

Ming said...

I can hardly wait until some big cement truck hits that wall. They way they drive the canyon that will most certainly happen and it will be in shambles.

Curious said...

Very "ugly" wall and will be more "ugly" when our fine citizens start tagging it with spray paint.

So what is this wall all about? Who is paying for it and why? What is it supposed to protect? Lots of questions and no answers?

Oh, and your dishwaster has filed for divorce and ran off with a Fuller Brush salesman.

Cleo said...

Commissioners "Tear Down That Wall". Get off of your duffs and enforce the codes for a change. When these contractors and builders spit in the face of County authority, they should pay for it.