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Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Don't Want Heliport

Guest Post by Sandra Tuck

WE chose to live in the valley over 40yrs. ago because we did not like the noise of the highways railroad and most of all the Air planes etc.

Now a rich person wants to cater to a few rich skiers and tourists to take away our peace and quiet.
It is time to say enough is enough.

Go play at Deer Valley and Park City.   They like annoying noise and people.


KD said...

I hope you're protesting this vocally against Harleys, big pick up trucks, boaters and snowmobilers as well?

Laura said...

One thing that the FAA takes very seriously is noise complaints with new aviation activities. If you are serious about not wanting this Heliport, write in masse to the FAA and complain about noise, If you all recall how noisy an occasional Helicopter is, think of this problem after it is established and any competitors that wish to get in on the game. If the Commissioners can rationalize one helicopter they can do the same for others.

Bowser said...

Hey Laura, right on. What if the original owners want to expand to numerous helicopters? There is no reason that those helicopters con't fly out of Ogden Airport where they belong.