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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lack of Water for Fire Fighting a Definite Concern

Guest Post by Lisa Hecht
I am sure this has been addressed but.........
In the Standard Examiner articles about the fire around the corner from the Green Valley Academy proposed site, it stated that the fire department had problems as they had to tank water in to extinguish the fire.  The article in The Standard Examiner Sunday, January 23, 2011 in Top of Utah (B), page 1 stated:  Firefighters were challenged by the lack of a nearby water supply.  They were forced to shuttle thousands of gallons of water from about a mile away, the nearest available fire hydrant, Black said.  The fire was being fought from 6 p.m. until after 10 p.m.  
Is there any documentation to show that a hydrant is going in and that if it is in fact there, will there be adequate water available to provide protection?
Just wondering.  Lots of open fields there.


Anonymous said...

In specific regards to the Green Valley Academy proposal. I have copies of the plans submitted to and response back from the fire department. And non-applicable items were Fire Hydrants, Fire Flow and water storage. There are no plans for fire hydrants. Their only requirement because of this is to install fire sprinklers.

Captain said...

Can you imagine if the inferno would have been one of the GVA's new 6000' buildings with no real water to fight it? 56 inhabitants scrambling to get out may not be as lucky as the Brunkers.

Greg Anderson said...

Indeed, I spoke to Cindy Brunker and she told me that if the fire had started in the middle of the night when more people would have been home AND asleep, the outcome could have been far different.