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Sunday, January 23, 2011

In Favor of Heliport

Guest Post by B. Smith

I moved to the valley 6 years ago and own a home that is along the flight path on the way to the Red Moose Lodge. I also personally know both Ron Rueben (Red Moose Lodge) and Craig Olson (Diamond Peaks). I also own my own business in the valley and have worked with hundreds of local businesses in Ogden Valley and Ogden. I have also flown with Diamond Peaks as a photographer. I have a strong understanding of how this business runs and the impact that it will have on our community.

I think the helipad location and application is a good idea and a valuable resource for our community. I strongly support it and I think you should too.  Click here for more


Lisa Hecht said...

I think that IF the Helipad is deemed to be of "benefit" to the valley that the location should be such that it isn't necessary to be flying over these populated housing areas. Lisa

KD said...

I live (and work!) right under the flight path as well and I have no problem with the helipad whatsoever. I really don't see what the problem is.

The noise doesn't bother me because my windows are closed in the winter and my house is properly insulated. If the noise bothers some people so much then they should probably look into insulating their house a little more - the pollution they're creating from inefficiently heating their house in the winter and cooling it down in the summer probably greatly outweighs the helicopter's few flights a year anyway.

Beany said...

One thing that the FAA is takes very seriously is noise complaints with new aviation activities. If you are serious about not wanting this Heliport, write in masse to the FAA and complain about noise, If you all recall how noisy an occasional Helicopter is, think of this problem after it is established and any competitors that wish to get in on the game. If the Commissioners can rationalize one helicopter they can do the same for others.


Zogmaister, "The Valley's Friend," has already spoken on the issue, so fear not. She said something like: "These people live in a recreation area; they should expect things like this." Surprised?

I know: let's really go recreational, and build a roller coaster and a ferris wheel here in the Valley, with flashing neon lights and caliope music!! Wow! I should have expected that! That would really fill up the Red Moose Lodge--which, after all, is what this is all about, isn't it? Somebody makes a bad business decision and it becomes the function of the Ogden Valley to bail them out.

This place is doomed.

Whiskey Pete said...

I think we should bring in some F-16s to visit KD's house. He has all the solutions. They should also build a parking lot across from KD. It is stupid to use any airport, just bring all the planes to KD's, he loves it.