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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ogden Valley Protection Fund

Guest Post by Teri Busick

For those who might not be aware, several citizens have if you will "lawyered up" in regards to the Green Valley Academy.  Without going into specifics about certain areas of great concern, these friends and neighbors were willing to spend the money needed to protect the valley from what they feel are over reaching proposals as they pertain to the Ogden Valley Master plan.   If you too are concerned about the Green Valley Academy  proposal, then please help.  An Ogden Valley Protection fund has been established at Zions Bank.  Any donations you make will be greatly appreciated and will go to fees generated for legal representation.   Full disclosure:  I am not involved in this fund and did not participate in the hiring of a lawyer.  But I am concerned and believe that donating is a small part we can all do.

Additionally, it is imperative that everyone go to the planning meeting on Tuesday, January 25th.  It will be a long meeting, and The Green Valley Academy is near the end of the docket. 

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