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Friday, January 21, 2011

House Fire Tonight

Submitted by Greg Anderson

As residents of Ogden Valley our hearts go out to the Brunker family this evening. Their house on Hwy 39 burned down tonight. The people living in the house were able to evacuate safely but the house appears to be a complete loss. Seven fire stations were involved in fighting this fire.


Anonymous said...

What can we do to get them some aid. Red Cross or a donation fund? Even the local church/ward?

Anonymous said...

Ok contacted Red process of getting a Chris Brunker family donation account at Zions Bank. Does anyone know the bishop's for this are area? Also trying to find out what they need, will post if anyone wants to donate to meet those needs as well.

Greg Anderson said...

Paul Baker is their Bishop. He was there last night.

The Wise One said...

That is very kind of you SundanceKid.

Anonymous said...

The donation fund at Zions Bank is under Cindy Brunker. If anyone is wanting to help.