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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eden Heliport Back on the Agenda

The request for a private heliport at the Red Moose Lodge is once again on the agenda for the Ogden Valley Planning Commission on January 25, 2011.

Once again, we first heard about this from all star reporter Shanna Francis of the Ogden Valley News.

Here is Shanna's article:

Ogden Valley Planning News - Eden Heliport and Residential Treatment Center on January 25 Agenda

The proposal will go before the Ogden Planning Commission:

January 25, 2011
5:00 PM
Weber County Commission Chambers
2380 Washington Blvd.
Ogden, UT

This meeting is guaranteed to be action packed and lengthy. Arrive early to get a good seat.


Anonymous said...

WE chose to live in the valley over 40yrs. ago because we did not like the noise of the highways railroad
and most of all the Air planes ect.
Now a rich person wants to cater to
a few rich skiers and tourists to take away our peace and quiet
It is time to say enough is enough
Go play at Deer Valley and Park City They like annoying noise and people Sandra Tuck

Danny Boy said...

I agree with the Anonymous post, just try to tell that to Jan Zogmaister. She has said that since we live in an area the has some recreation, we must expect that these types of commercial businesses will be here. I say let's put the heliport next to Zogmaisters's home and see what she says.

Anonymous said...

I moved to the valley 6 years ago and own a home that is along the flight path on the way to the Red Moose Lodge. I also personally know both Ron Rueben (Red Moose Lodge) and Craig Olson (Diamond Peaks). I also own my own business in the valley and have worked with hundreds of local businesses in Ogden Valley and Ogden. I have also flown with Diamond Peaks as a photographer. I have a strong understanding of how this business runs and the impact that it will have on our community.

I think the helipad location and application is a good idea and a valuable resource for our community. I strongly support it and I think you should too. I think that many businesses in our area are struggling and that this unique recreational amenity brings many thousands of dollars that immediately trickle down throughout all the businesses in the area. Valley Market, Restaurants, Local Lodging, waiter/waitress tips, resident employees of Pow mow, Snowbasin, and so on. Like it or not, our valley thrives on tourism dollars and the helipad is a unique amenity that brings big spenders. There are also various public safety benefits to having this business reside in our valley.

I think the environmental and community impact is minor. I know, because the helicopter flew right by my house last year, that it's impact on me was negligible and something that didn't bother me at all. And that's saying something, I get bothered easily. The chopper make a swift approach and is only something you hear for a minute or two and then it's done. On a typical day the chopper leaves and spends most the day up in the mountains, then comes back and the end of the day. Sometimes there are two groups but we're not talking about constant traffic at the helipad. Lastly, there is only a small window of days that this is even possible throughout the year. I hear more noise from my house from the excavating company that is being run out of the residence 500ft away, from the hordes of Harley riders, from the hordes of boat owners on Pineview, and from the snowmobilers that poach the vacant fields all around me. The heli noise is just a fart in the wind compared to everything else I hear.

The important thing here is that businesses, employees, and families are struggling all over the country to survive. The same is true here in the Ogden Valley and Ogden. I've already lost a home here that I invested in and every day I struggle to pay the bills every month. I think its a huge mistake to deny this application because of the tens of thousands of dollars that these visitors bring with them and spend on our local businesses.

Having a helipad here and Diamond Peaks' trained avalanche specialists is also a huge asset to our community. I bet you would like to have them located nearby if your husband or son was caught in an avalanche on their snow mobile. There are tens of thousands of people recreating here every week. Having a helipad and local heli crew is a huge resource that could be of benefit in time of need.

Bottom line for me is this is a huge financial and community asset for minimal impact. I also think that a lot of people who are complaining aren't even directly impacted and also don't know what they are talking about with their statements.