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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Urgent Notice: Meeting Tonight regarding The Green Valley Academy and their latest plans -- UPDATED

As was mentioned in the January 15, 2011 issue of the Ogden Valley News, The Green Valley Academy is once again petitioning to have their "Residential Treatment Facility" in Ogden Valley - more specifically, East Huntsville.

We will provide more details in coming days, but concerned neighbors, friends of concerned neighbors and those who are concerned that their neighborhood may be the next targeted location for a similar facility are meeting tonight.

Here are the details:

Ogden Valley Library - Huntsville

January 13, 2011

7:00 PM

Be there to become informed of the latest plan for the Green Valley Academy and to support your neighbors.

Facts so far:
  • 9091 S 100 E
  • 100 Students, plus necessary staff
  • 40 parking stalls
  • 8 acre parcel
  • Retention pond will flood home directly  west.
  • Night sky ordinance.
  • And more 
UPDATE 1/14/2011 @ 6:00 PM

We were just forwarded this information from someone who visited the Ogden Valley Planning office today and reviewed the plans.

The planner showed plans that were new as of yesterday (1/13/01)

It calls for:

Two Buildings - about 6,000 ft. sq.
44 parking stalls
Plans for 36 students/20 staff
4,000 gallon septic storage tank
Private well


    Greenie said...

    Don't they know that no one wants them or their silly school for troubled kids? Why don't they go to Park City where there are many venues and programs for them. Leave us alone.

    Ron Gleason said...

    Where are these facts coming from? There is nothing posted on the Weber County web site?

    tb said...

    Its coming from the planning office. They do not have the package ready to put on line. Next door neighbor to subject property when down to the planners today and looked at the petition. It will be presented on the 25th or 27th (no calendar handy) which ever is Tuesday. Just trying to figure what's happening.

    Anonymous said...

    I personally went to Ogden Valley planning commission today. I was alerted of the new proposal from the article posted in Ogden Valley paper. And yes it very much true. They are planning the Green Hills Academy right next to my property. I was able to look all proposed plans. We are having another town meeting next Thursday Jan 20th @ 7:00 PM...all concerned be there and get involved!!!

    Rooti Toot said...

    Will these kids also be filtered into Valley Elementary and Snowcrest? Heard that through the grapevine...just would like to know....

    Valley said...

    To those concerned about the Green Valley Academy, especially those who live or own property near the proposed site: We at the forum are here for you and will do our part to spread the word throughout the blogosphere. With that commitment, we have a few suggestions:

    1) Submit any and all information to (a link is provided at the top left of our home page). We prefer information in article or letter format.
    2) Subscribe to our email updates so you will be kept up to date as this saga unfolds
    3) Visit our Facebook Page "Ogden Valley Forum" and click "like" then share our site with your friends and neighbors.

    Time is running short and the end game is here.

    Anonymous said...

    No this is a private school with there parents footing the bill. This is a school for trouble youth with an array of different issue. They will not be on lock down and could walk away at anytime...But of the bigger issues. Water, Sewer, Traffic, Policing, Lighting, Fire etc...we do not have what it would take to support a facility like this. Basically with the water...we'll all be drinking their sewer and taking a huge hit on water supply in general those of us with a well close to the facility. Traffic is already terrible on HWY 39 imagine how much more this will add. And lighting...we do have a "Midnight Sky Ordinance" here in the valley, how light poles and what it would take to light a facility like this, well their goes our Midnight Skies. Also policing is weber county perpared to handle a facility like this?? Another big one the proposed retention pond, flooding houses to the west. There are alot of issues and we all need to get involved. It just goes to show if it's not in my neighbors backyard, it will be in mine and if its not in mine it will eventually end up in someones!! Lets just make sure its not in the valley....Come to town meeting Thursday Jan 20th @ 7:00pm Huntsville Library.

    Valley said...

    To get up to speed on the issue, go to our "Search The Forum" search box on the right side panel, and type in "Green Valley" and search. From their you will see links to our previous articles as well as documents from many neighbors of the first site that was proposed west of the Monastery.

    Ron Gleason said...

    TB and SundanceKid, thanks for the facts.