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Friday, January 28, 2011

Letter to Planning Commissioners Regarding Helipad

Guest Post by Lee Schussman

Jan 25, 2011.
Comments sent to the Ogden Valley Township Planning Commissioners

I am opposed to the CUP for the private Eden Heliport in its current form.
I have had first hand experiences with helicopter safety issues, noise issues, and business issues here in Ogden Valley; and I would like to comment on these three concerns.  Please consider the following:

Item #1: Safety Concerns

The Weber County staff report indicates that safety issues remained a concern at the end of the discussion of this CUP last February.  The applicants have addressed the safety problems of the fuel truck, but I have a sincere concern about the safety of the location of the landing zone itself.

In 1993, during a flight very similar to those planned in the current CUP, the crash of a Diamond Peaks helicopter near Powder Mountain killed    click here for more

1 comment:

End the Noise said...

As stated on this blog before, contact the FAA on noise issues. If they get enough pressure from concerned citizens, they will take action.