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Sunday, January 23, 2011

High Drama At the Neigborhood Meeting When "Stranger" speaks out

Guest Post by Greg Anderson

It was high drama last night when, after an hour of discussion, someone in the crowd stood up to dispute the claims that the students in Oakley have, on occasion, “escaped” and caused trouble in the community. It was quickly revealed that the “stranger” was, in fact, the wife of one of the founders of the proposed Green Valley Academy. This person then told us, without being specific, that a lot of what was said at the meeting wasn’t true.

I can already hear the words I expect to hear at the planning commission meeting on Tuesday. It will sound something like this: “My wife went to a meeting last week and the neighbors were telling all kinds of lies about who we are and what we do.” Since we in Ogden Valley don’t know Click here for more

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