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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Huntsville Resident Killed In Early Morning Crash

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Bob Burton, a long-time resident of East Huntsville.

Bob was traveling west down Ogden Canyon when he was hit head on by a suicidal driver heading eastbound.

Click below for more:
Head-on collision kills one in Ogden Canyon

We will dedicate the comment section below to any memories you had of Bob or any condolences you have for Bob's wife, Colleen, and family.


carrie lindsay said...

Colleen and Family, Our family is thinking of you at this very hard time! our prayers are with you! so sorry for your loss of such a wonderful person! love, The Combes

Friend of Bob said...

Wouldn't you know that the loser with a death wish comes out unscathed but a great guy ends up dead.

Greg Anderson said...

Rob was our across-the-street neighbor when we first moved into the valley. He was the ideal neighbor and had a great sense of humor.

-Greg Anderson
(Also known online as Greg Anderson)

Lei Lani said...

Colleen and family,
From baby sitting early on to coaching your children, I have loved being around such a great person as Rob. He had such a great sense of humor and love for life itself, he will be missed. My heart goes out to all of you.
Love, Lei Lani and Casey Gauchat

Trace Fifield said...

The world has lost a wonderful family man. My heart goes out to his wife and children.

Laurel Kirkham said...

We love the Burton family and couldn't ask for better neighbors. Rob is the nicest, funniest guy you could ever meet. We know he is in a wonderful place. Our hearts are broken for Colleen and their children, but their beliefs and their strong family will get them through this somehow. We pray for peace, comfort and strength for them in the coming days.

Doug and Laurel Kirkham and family

paul said...

If the Green Valley Academy wants to be in our valley they should consider petitioning the School Board to use the site of the former Huntsville Elementary school. It has city water, sewer,and a play ground at the property (suficient to handle the number of residents indicated) as well as some comercial and Churches nearly adjacent.

There are also areas in Liberty that are suited and some of those residents think favorably of the school.

Paul B. Reichert
Huntsville UT.

Kat Savage said...

So sorry for this horrible loss my prayers are with the Burton family, and my wish is that people will please drive safer in the Valley, we don't want to lose anymore of our wonderful residents, it is a dangerous road, and I myself have almost been involved in a headon, please drive safer in Ogden Canyon.

Cori Payne said...

I went to school with alot of his children and my parents went to school with Bob. and I just found out about his passing. I remember meeting him as a child at Valley Elementary school and he was so nice. My heart goes out to Zach and his others brothers and sisters and his wife. My prayers and thoughts are with them.