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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mailing List Created For Concerned Ogden Valley Citizens

Comment by Fred that was promoted to the front page due to importance

I've read a lot of comments about how the Planning Commission and Weber County Commission don't care and it's all about the money. I don't have enough experience to render judgement.

But, I think I have enough experience to know that the burden of proof is upon us, the community. GVA has found an avenue and while it is obviously not a good fit in its current location, the law and zoning favors them at this time.

Jared Balmer, by his own admission on the first go around, stated that his business is a hybrid approach that zoning does not specifically address and thus he has to pick the closest one.

This is not just a Weber County Problem. It is a national dilema that commissions and communities are grappling with. If we rally to institute a clear definition of RTC's in the zoning and then define zones in which they are permitted as well as stipulations, we won't have to continually battle these businesses trying to find somewhere to "fit."

To further this cause, I have built a mailing list that concerned Ogden Valley citizens can subscribe to who want to contribute to evolving a solution and presenting it to the county. You can join the list by clicking this link to read the terms and sign up. This will allow us to collaborate via our inboxes. I look forward to your participation!

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Paul said...

If the Green Valley Academy wants to be in our valley they should consider petitioning the School Board to use the site of the former Huntsville Elementary school. It has city water, sewer,and a play ground at the property (suficient to handle the number of residents indicated) as well as some comercial and Churches nearly adjacent.

There are also areas in Liberty that are suited and some of those residents think favorably of the school.

Paul B. Reichert
Huntsville UT.