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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Guest post by LeeAnn

Orrin Hatch has an agenda of :
Meeting with Interior Secretary Salazar, Head of BLM on Administration's Devastating New Land Policy.
He wrote:

"I made it very clear to the Secretary and Director Abby that the Administration’s new Wild Lands policy will be devastating to rural Utah and those communities in our state that depend on access to public lands. Closing off so much land in Utah is unacceptable. The people of our state are sick and tired of being dictated to by Washington bureaucrats. The secretary and Director Abby told me that they would examine the impact of this new Administration policy – I will hold them to that. There can and will be no empty promises from the Administration on this reckless policy.”
Let me rewrite Orrin Hatch letter for Ogden Valley vs. Green Valley Academy:
We, the citizen of Ogden Valley, make it very clear to our GVA, OVPC, Weber County Commissioners, Our State Representative Gage Froerer that Utah acceptance of Therapeutic Schools is very devastating to rural Utah. Using land where water is such a premium, and the water reservoir is easily contaminated if the sewer system is not regulated closely. The people of our Ogden Valley and Utah state are sick and tired of being dictated to by GVA bureaucrats and government bureaucrats. We want our state and local government to look into this reckless policy.
Orrin Hatch is worried about the large wild lands, but it appears that these wild lands will be used by GVA as they slowly take over the state with one school at a time. So why preserve these lands and ignore the local smaller rural areas? It boils down to the vote versus the dollar.

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