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Monday, February 28, 2011

Local Weighs In On Heliport

Guest Post from Sandra 'Lived here 42 years' Tuck

We the down trodden residents who have lived here because there were no
Planes Trains and few automobiles. The last few years the wahna be rich want to bring
the few rich so they can fly over the mountain and some ski down. I wish they would
find a rainbow. They are obnoxious and consider their want's only. 

Let them go to Park city and Deer Valley because they cater to obnoxious and self serving people.


Thomas Paine said...

Sandra, you must understand that these money grubbers don't care how you view your Valley. They want the money!!!! They don't care about noise, pollution or a disruption of the life style of the Valley, they want the money. As long as we fail to use our political clout (if we can get better organized), we will be victims of the money grubbers.

Anonymous said...

Really Money Grubbers? These guys are anything but that. The Olsen Family lives in Huntsville and they will continue to work at there business without the support of some of the valley. I for one would rather see a helipad go in next to me than a treatment center. The Green Valley Academy's impact on the residents of the valley would be much more than that of a helipad that would operate 2-3 months out of the year. The treatment center would be a 24hr 365 days a year. Thomas Paine and Sandra Tuck. Have you looked at the two? Im confused at how we wouldn't support a local business owner and his proposal gets denied. But then what gets approved is a true, as you said, "money grubber." This company and its affiliates are million dollar companies. They will come in build the treatment center and then sell it, like have done in the past with the other schools they've started, most likely to the Aspen Education Group which is backed by a billion dollar company. The money my neighbors and I have spent fighting this Treatment Center proposal, since the county was threaten with lawsuit so they punted to the residents to foot the bill,. Can you please make your argument a little more understandable? And really before you comment please take the time to do the research on the helipad and what they did to accomodate, they got rudders put on the copter for reduced noise, they were going to change the fight path, it was only a permit for them and noone else it wouldn't have turned into an airport. There peak operating times are end of Jan to first of April, during day light hours, so most residents will be at work. There are no nights flights. And compared to what my neighbors and I face, and please also do some research on the Green Valley Academy proposal so you know what were dealing with. I've done alot of research on both, attended OVPC meetings and all I can see is the only reason the helipad didn't get passed is because they dont have alot of money to throw around and threaten the county with a lawsuit. Maybe if they would have they would have got there proposal approved.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was referring to the other two so called "schools" they've started. Good to know we have some real supporters out there. How good do you feel? You read the entire statement and that's all you took from it. Nice job also!!

Reno said...

This is for Sundance, remember how someone wrote about more and more Helicopters?

At the recent GEM Committee meeting last week, Snow Basin is talking about additional helicopters to Cache County from their property and to Park City. Surprise, surprise. I wonder how many Valley residents wish see Helicopters buzzing all over from several operators?

Take the helicopter business to airports where it belongs.

Anonymous said... need to look up property lines and also the proposed 50 years plan from Snowbasin. The majority of it will be in Morgan County. And it breezed through there and got approved. I think you need to look at what county they will be flying out of. Who knows they could use the airport in Mtn Green.

skipper said...

Sundance, you need to read the minutes of the GEM committee meeting last week. Snow Basin referred to flights from Snow Basin to Cache County as well as other areas. Unless they fly around the mountains, that means flights over Ogden Valley.

How is Red Moose lodge helicopters going to avoid flying over Ogden Valley?

Anonymous said...

I understand what your saying about flying over the valley but the whole reason behind the denial of Diamond Peak helipad was not when they are flying overhead but take off and landing and the noise couldn't be mitigated. Also with the GEM committee they make recommendations and if they go along with Weber County then the county listens. But I've seen plenty of times when they totally disreguard their recommendations . I was only bringing the point up that calling and writing letters to Weber County might be efforts in wrong directions. And maybe they need to be sent to Morgan County and maybe we should be trying to get some allies over there. From my conversations with Morgan residents when you talk about Snowbasin they think its in Weber County. But alot of its in Morgan. Snowbasin it seems in kind of in a loop hole as fare as development. We need specifics on where it is going to be placed. I didnt see anything in the minutes that referenced placement and what county Weber or Morgan?

Pretzel said...

Sundance, the opposition to the heliport is centered on the Red Moose Lodge, not Snow Basin. We are just not sure that the denial by the OVPC will be sustained by the Weber County Commission. If it is, then we only wish to have some discussion about the effects of noise from the Snow Basin helicopters.