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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pow Mow wants to join the United Nations

Submitted by Greg Anderson

There's a new YouTube video in which someone supposedly representing Powder
Mountain is angry that "PowMow" will not be admitted into the United
Nations. It's all played for laughs but, after the recent "Powder Mountain
Town" events around here, I'm not sure that Ogden Valley residents will find
it very funny. You be the judge.


Der Bingle said...

As the involved parties dither about where Powder Mountain is going, I am thankful that the forces in the Valley were able to stall this so long. Now they are right in the middle of a recession and housing disaster. Maybe the investors will forget about their money and just write it off.

NoMo PowMow said...

Wow, the Powder Mountain folks must think we locals have a short memory. Very arrogant indeed.

West Indian Archie said...

I agree with Der Bingle. Snow Basin will blow Powder Mountain off the map and into financial disaster with their first class growth plan. Good riddance.

zenseren said...

It is a despotism with it's own dictator, so, yeah they would fit right in. Maybe even get a spot on the security council.

Saboteur said...

It's funny...lighten up. Like the pow up in pow mow.

Saboteur said...