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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ogden Valley Planning Commission Work Session Tuesday

Below is the agenda for Tuesday's Planning Commission work session.  We will highlight one item and suggest that the neighbors of the Green Valley Academy carefully scrutinize this proposed amendment since the changes could effect their appeal.  The meeting will be held in the Weber County Commission Chambers, Weber Center (2380 Washington Blvd). The meeting will begin at 5:00 pm in the order listed below.
1. Ordinance to amend Board of Adjustment Chapter 29
2. Ogden Valley General Plan Trails Element
3. Ordinance to amend Home Occupations Chapter 34
4. County Commission Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk Deferral Policy Information
5. Other
6. Adjourn
Download a full copy of the Ogden Valley March 01, 2011 packet, in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), here. Packets are available only for the current agenda and approximately thirty days after that date.


wake up said...

anybody following the bills gage is sponsoring this session? one specifically relates to "theraputic schools"

Anonymous said...

What does it say? Maybe you coould be the one following and informing?