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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Merger of Two Ogden Valley Advocacy Groups

Merger of Two Ogden Valley Advocacy Groups

As of March 1, 2011, two separate advocacy groups in Ogden Valley have united under a single name. The former Ogden Valley Protection Council (OVPC) has merged and become part of the existing VCRD ( Valley Citizens for Responsible Development ) under the VCRD title.

The VCRD Board of Trustees has been expanded from 7 members to 11 effective immediately to include representation from the Ogden Valley Protection Council.

There will be a meeting of the former Ogden Valley Protection Council members on Tuesday, March 8th at 7PM at the Huntsville Library to discuss the merger. We encourage all Valley residents to add their name to our expanded organization.


There will be additional information on this merger forthcoming. If you have any questions about the expanded VCRD, go to If you wish to join the VCRD, send just $10 per year per person to:

PO Box 115
Huntsville, Utah 84317


Rodney said...

Sounds good to have more members representing diverse areas of Ogden Valley. If we can get the political clout to get the Weber County Commissioner's attention, we can be successful.

One 4 All said...

Now that is good news. There is strength in numbers.

Valley Resident said...

Keep your eyes on the skies!! At the recent GEM Committee meeting, the representative from Snow Basin stated they were thinking of running helicopters from their property to Cache County and other areas.

That means that we are now looking at possibly two helicopter services operating over Ogden Valley and there could be more with bigger helicopters and the noise to go with it.

Is that what we want in our residential valley? Speak up to your Weber County Commissioners!!!!!!!!

SundanceKid said...

More than 75% of the new proposed development of Snowbasin is in Morgan County. Everything with the 50 year plan presented was approved in Morgan County actually just breezed right through. I suspect anything put in will be done on the Morgan County side where there is little challenge.

Whiskey Pete said...

Sundance, the noise from Helicopters knows no County lines. If they fly from Snow Basin to Cache, they will pass over many valley homes and residents.

Some of us went through the Moose relocation two years ago from below Snow Basin to Anderson Camp ground and it was not a pleasant experience with the loud noise from the helicopters. But at least that was not a regular daily experience. Regular flights from both the Red Moose Lodge and Snow Basin will turn this into an airport type area that we don't need in our valley.

WiseOne said...

i wish you people would get this mad about the ogden marathon MAY21., move over hwy 39 residents here come godfrey,,,,,