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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Latest on the evolving and ever changing HB 477 Front - To Repeal or Not Repeal

Once again, Rudi at the Weber County Forum is right on top of the latest happenings regarding HB 477 (does anyone else find it ironic that the flawed Powderville bill was HB 466?   {466 - 477}  Kind of a pattern we thinks).

Tuesday Morning HB477 News Roundup 

While at the forum, be sure to snoop around for even more tantalizing tales.

1 comment:

Banjo Man said...

Everyone in his legislative area should hold Gage Froerer's feet to the fire on HB 477's repeal. He voted for the bill the first time around, and lets make sure he votes against it this time. Make him explain why the citizens should be denied access to the public's business done by our elected representatives.

Froerer e-mail:

He is a pretty slippery guy on stuff like this, keep the pressure on him by writing him e-mail's or calling his office.

Remember, Froerer was also against the Ethics Petition last year. What is he trying to hide?