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Friday, March 18, 2011

Board of Adjustments Upheld Staff decision

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By Greg Anderson

The Board of Adjustments upheld the staff decision that the Green Valley Academy is a school. They spent over two hours in closed-to-the-public deliberations before reaching their decision.

Any more reports from those in attendance?


Teri said...

The vote identified by the board head was 4-1. One board member indicated the actual vote was 3-2 and will be registered in the official meeting minutes.

If you believe Zane's presentation, and I do, the results of this decision will have catastrophic consequences for this valley. Precedence has been set. It certainly will take more than about twenty people to challenge this. The next step is District Court. The people up here really need to decide what they want to do. We are up against money grubbers. Are we gonna be the little engine that could?

Because the board deliberated in private, we don't know much right now. That was a hugely disappointing end to the meeting. By that I mean, here's our vote, the end. I guess we have to wait for the official meeting minutes whenever they get posted!!!!!

Last year when this started, it was about money, and now this year it is still about money. We need money, lots of money.

Mavis said...

As mentioned on this issue before, it is essential that you involve Gage Froerer. He is a resident up here and lives not too far from the location in question. Force him to take a position on this issue and keep the pressure on him. He is supposed to represent your interests. Make him do his job!!!!!!!!

Greg Anderson said...

Mr. Froerer introduced HB 412 this year and it passed the legislature and is now awaiting the governor's signature. Look into it. He HAS taken a position on this issue and should be thanked for his work.

Sally B said...

The problem with Gage Froerer's bill is it is day late and a dollar short as usual. It does not effect the issue of this new school that has many residents unhappy.