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Thursday, March 17, 2011

HB 477 Update along with an explanation from Representative Gage Froerer

The aftermath of HB477 is a hot topic on area blogs and on the front page of local papers.  The Weber County Forum has done a masterful job of keeping readers updated, but we will add an explanation from our local representative Gage Froerer.  This appeared in the March 15, 2011 issue of the Ogden Valley News.

Representative Gage Froerer Responds to Questions on Vote in Favor of HB 477

This article was apparently written during the short period of time between the bill being recalled and subsequently signed by Governor Herbert.

Representative Froerer states,
"This bill was passed in an attempt to bring news media and other stakeholders to the table to address an outdated statue that needs to be addressed in terms of our current forms of communication and the devices we use to communicate."
It doesn't seem like the parties spent a lot of time at the table.  What do you think?


RudiZink said...

OK. So in spite off the ass-whipping Gage suffered due to the late-in-the-game passage of the notorious SB466... Gage is now the poster boy for the truly ODD concept that the legislature should hammer through bills with zero scrutiny... and then "fix" the defects later???

Too Funny!

Teri said...

I would love to see his so called documentation about expensive abuses. This was an attempt to get the news media to come to the table? I believe that has been debunked by the so called news media. I think this explanation was written before the blow back started. I could be wrong but I think start to finish was about 48 hours on this piece of garbage. The legislature now has another honor he can add...most secretive in the nation, hence their wonderful award received yesterday.

To RudiZink, HB466 should have meant the end of his elected career. Voters have short memories I guess.

Teri said...

One more thing. $30,000. Really! Sounds like something until you remember the 13 mil given to the non bid winner friend of gov. If Gage could get that back, then I would be impressed.

Teri said...

Last comment should be non winning bid. Makes a big difference. Sorry.

blackrulon said...

The reply Froerer gave for his vote is the same exact wording he sent to me in reply to my questioning him on the bill. No explanation of how he or others made any attempt to conduct any rudimentary hearings or voices in opposition. His stock explanation shows how he really feels about the public right to know.

Ugh said...

Whatever Scott Walker, I mean Gage Froerer.

BenJoe said...

There was a "table" people could go to and talk about this? Dang why didn't I see it.

ozboy said...

What a disingenuous little turkey you fine folks in the Valley have representing you. Of course mine, over this side of the mountain, is just as mealey mouthed as Froerer.

It seems they all have the same lame script about how to answer outraged citizens. The old "we snuck this dishonest lousy law in to open up negotiations with the citizens".

I sure hope all the outraged voters remember this perfidy come the next legislative elections. I doubt if they will, the draw of that old magic "R" just seems to overcome lots of folk's better sense during the election seasons.

Curmudgeon said...

He was asleep at the switch when the Developers' Dream Bill was introduced and hustled through with no scrutiny late in the session [Powderville Town mess the result], and he was asleep at the switch again when HB 477 was hustled through late in the session with no scrutiny. If we had a strong Truth in Advertising law in Utah that applied to candidates for office, he'd have to list himself "Gage 'Asleep At The Switch' Froerer" on the next ballot.