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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Board of Adjustment Meeting Reminder - updated

Don't miss the update at the bottom of this post

The Appeal to the Weber County Board of Adjustments Thursday - neighbors vs Green Valley Academy "School"

The appeal to the Board of Adjustment hearing is this

The meeting will be held in the Weber County Commission Chambers,
Weber Center (2380 Washington Blvd).
The meeting will begin at 4:30 pm

The agenda is short so we will include it below (click here to visit the county web site):
  1. Minutes Approval of the January 27, 2011 meeting minutes
  2. BOA 2011-01: Consideration and action on an appeal of an administrative decision by the Weber County Planning Division in determining that Green Valley Academy meets the definition of “School” in the Weber County Zoning Ordinance, and is, therefore, considered a permitted use in the AV-3 Zone as a “private education institution having a curriculum similar to that ordinarily given in public schools.” (red emphasis and underline added by us)
  3. Other Business:
  4. Adjournment:

Download a full copy of the Board of Adjustment March 17, 2011 packet, in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), here. Packets are available only for the current agenda and approximately thirty days after that date.

UPDATE:  3-17-2011 @ 10:20 AM

We will open this post up for live blog updates of today's meeting.  If you have a smart and fancy phone, please attend today's meeting and give us play by play updates by posting in the comments section.  We will be anxiously standing by.


Greg Anderson said...

The Board of Adjustments upheld the staff decision that the Green Valley Academy is a school. They spent over two hours in closed-to-the-public deliberations before reaching their decision.

Anonymous said...
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Teri said...

Personally, I thought Zane's presentation was spot on. I thought his points were well identified. The actual vote was 3-2 according to one board member. One will have to make their own decision as to how we got to that number.

Greg Anderson said...

I thought anonymous comments were not to be posted here.

Valley said...

Mr Anderson,
You are absolutely correct. Playing Board Nanny is one of our least favorite jobs here at the forum, and believe it or not, we are not monitoring posts 24/7. Some anonymous posts slip through the cracks. Thanks for pointing it out.