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Friday, March 11, 2011

HB 477 Legislative Roundup

This evening we will direct you to Rudi's riveting Forum where he offers this doozy about our 'work under the cover of darkness' legislators:

Friday Morning HB477 News Roundup

The 2011 legislative session ended on a very disappointing note with our extreme right wing governor selling out his constituents by signing yet another severely flawed bill.

We find it perplexing that the Utah lawmakers passed SB 165 which prohibits any electronic signatures on ballot propositions while also passing HB 477, which makes most electronic government communications (email, text messages, voice mail, etc.) off limits to Utah citizens.

A sad day for transparency and open government.  What are they trying to hide?

We will end with some footage of a 'peaceful' demonstration inside the hallowed walls of the State Capital.

Pay particular attention to Ogden's All-Star Council women Amy Wicks who proudly holds a couple of signs that are visible in the middle of the stairway at 2:15.  One side said "Only COWARDS and CROOKS hide from the PEOPLE they represent" and the other, which you can see, says "I'm an elected official that supports open and transparent government. What are you?"   Congrats Amy and thanks for representing the people.


Nauvoo Nellie said...

If anyone cares to study the history of Facist governments, you will find that the first thing they did was restrict public input and oversight of their government operation.

The sad part of this is the word of Utah's folly will be passed out of Utah to many other parts of America. Any candidate with roots in Utah will be splashed with this foolishness and will never be seriously considered for higher government office in Washington.

The 800 pound gorilla is the sub text of the LDS church. It is clear to outsiders that the church has a tremendous influence on political decisions in Utah and that that will be noted and exploited to defeat any national candidate from Utah. If we ignore that fact, we have your head in the sand.

Amy Wicks said...

We need to mobilize quickly to try to preserve reasonable and affordable access to government records. If you would like to help, please sign up here: