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Monday, December 20, 2010

Weber County Commission Meeting Tuesday - Summit @ Ski Lake up for Approval

Zogmaister campaign donor/ tax evader Ron Catanzero doesn't waste any time in requesting approval of another phase at Ski Lake

We noticed some interesting items on the Pre Christmas Weber county commission meeting agenda.  The important meeting will be:

Commission Chambers of the Weber Center,
2380 Washington Boulevard, Ogden, Utah,
commencing at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, the 21st day of December 2010.

Here is an excerpt from the agenda:
 E. Action Items

2. Request for approval of Phase 11 Summit at Ski Lake.
Presenter: Ron Cantanzaro
3. Request for consideration and/or action on an agreement between Ski Lake Corporation, Mountain Sewer Corporation, and Weber County regarding a time extension for the Chalets at Ski Lake and The Summit at Ski Lake.
Presenter: Sean Wilkinson
Of particular interest is the fact that Mr. Catanzero has a long history of leaving the citizen's of Weber County holding the bag for his financial difficulties.  More interesting is the fact that the County continues to entertain Mr. Catanzero's requests.

Click here to view the delinquent history of one subject parcel - there are many more delinquent properties.  
Ultimately, these delinquent taxes were apparently paid by Celtic Bank following foreclosure of the subject property.

For more, click here to view the 2009 delinquent tax list.  They are listed alphabetically so scroll down to see the many listings for "Catanzero" and "Ski Lake corporation."

It would appear that Ron is anxious to get on the agenda before Commissioner Bischoff retires.  Many will remember the large "Bischoff for County commission" signs plastered on several of Catanzero's properties during Bischoff's last campaign.

Perhaps there are some unpaid favors in store for Mr. Catanzero?


Fred Farkle said...

My, My. What a surprise. All Catanzaro has to do is pick up the phone and contact Jim Gentry in County planning who is the lackey for any developer. He will get the planning group to look past the new ordinance that should deny him further work from planning until he pays his delinquent property taxes.

The Weber County Commission refuses to go all out to collect these delinquent taxes that amount to about 12-14 Million every year. Catanzaro is a consistent offender and here he is again, wanting more services.

Catanzaro just bailed out on the Ski Lake development without doing his job as head of the Association. He leaves homeowners, taxpayers and the County administration high and dry with his ill prepared development ideas and cannot pay the taxes.

His water company has arsenic problems and he is trying to sell it to some unknowing buyer.

Pistol Pete said...

I want to know why the County does not hold Catanzaro accountable for his unpaid and delinquent property taxes! What was the reason they passed that ordinance in the first place?

The Commissioners have a love affair with anyone that is a developer, even one who screws his clients and the County. They can not resist the tax revenue they generate, even though the developers don't pay their taxes on time anyway.

D-Bell said...

According to "Buck Froerer" many years ago when he was our Town Attorney, County Commissions all across the Country favor developers and developments. (*Here I need to qualify this as my best recollection and not Buck's precise words.) The reason is mainly because the population outside a specific metro area boundry is relatively low and spread out over miles and miles. Therefore; the expenses of snow removal, public education, security/police protections, road repair/upkeep, water, sewer, disposal and so forth are spread out over long distances and expensive, causing a major drain on the County coffers. And the political return, in terms of votes, from such sparsely populated areas is relatively low.

The Commissioners would naturally prefer to spend taxes on the majority of their constituents within the municipality, where the most votes come from.

That is why Commissioners, County Boards, or whatever the controlling authority is, always seems to go with developers and development. As developments saturate areas, eventually they tend to "cluster" and become municipalities, which takeover the costs and tasks for basic infrastructure, roads and security, education, etc.

Then, like Huntsville, for example, the County double taxes the residents and gets by with it. Specifically, the County sets the mil levy virtually the same as the other surrounding tax units, even though the incorporated town (Huntsville) pays/provides for its own security, road maintenance, water, snow removal, park, waste disposal/dump, etc.

Here I need to congratulate Eden for voting down incorporation and all who fought to stop Powder Mountain. Good work folks!

The truth of the double taxation comes with the answer to the question; "What County services would stop if Huntsville disincorporated?" County Auditor answer: "None".

Hope this helps a little with the angst toward natural behavior from folks on both sides of the common issue.