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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Rock Wall Brings In Questions on Other Topics

Things have been a little quiet as far as developments lately with the downturn in the economy, and we have admittedly taken a quiet break as well.

However, the rock wall has prompted some questions from readers on other key topics, so we will open those topics up for input and discussion from our expert readers.

Here are some questions we have received from loyal readers:

Green Valley Academy
Have you heard anything recently about the status of the green valley academy....locations, petitions, etc.  Would love to know if you have any current status on the academy's attempt to locate in the residential areas of Huntsville.
 Liquor Agency
What happened to the liquor store?  I have never heard a word about it.

After looking through our archives, this is the last we have heard about the liquor agency.

What about it Ogden Valley Faithful?  Can you help our readers in answering their questions?


Nathan Brittles said...

To answer the question by Valley, we just have to realize that is how the Weber County Commission works. They just let any project that may be viewed negatively by the residents to just fade off into the sunset until most forget about it. Then they slip their approval in and get what they want. Since none of the Weber County Commissioners live up in Ogden Valley, they have no interest in protecting the area.

Think of the Powder Mountain fiasco, they waived the 3 acre limit that has been in force for years to accommodate the developers and give the shaft to all the other property owners in Ogden Valley that had to abide by that rule.

Think of the Helicopter incident where Zoggy made sure they didn't miss any business time even though they did no have the correct permits and fueled the copter on a public street.

These people are not looking out for the Ogden Valley residents and never will.

Whirly Bird said...

Well said Nate,

It will also be interesting to see what happens with the Helicopter in a few weeks from now when the fresh snow is waist deep. Any bets on where the bird will launch from?

ND said...

whats with the little shack next to the Powder Mountain bus lot?

Greg Anderson said...

Keep an eye on the property at about 9000 E on Highway 39 (South side of the road). Somebody recently made some big holes in the ground, likely doing tests for a septic system. I'm told the property is about 8 acres. Is this the new, proposed site for a "Green Valley Academy" (or whatever it's going to be called next)? Perhaps.

A lot of folks feel that the Green Valley Academy team will try again soon and, this time, they'll simply call it a "school." Since schools are part of the conditional uses allowed already, they'll claim they're already allowed to do what they want to do. (Remember that, back in June, they were trying to convince their proposed neighbors that their intentions were simply a combination of already-approved conditional uses.)

It's too bad that telling the whole truth didn't work before so, now, they're apparently going to diminish "the whole story" in an attempt to be approved. So I ask whether we can trust them going into the future when they are, apparently, engaging in a pattern of being less up-front as time goes on. And who believed that they were telling "the whole story" before anyway? We still don't know why they withdrew their petition at the end of the summer.

But at least if the zoning isn't modified then maybe it'll put a stop to the GEM Committee's apparent desire to dot the Ogden Valley landscape with care centers.

ND said...

on the rock wall...they could have at least got the color right...the gray rock colors don't start until...drum roll please..the Gray Cliff Lodge....they should have used a tan or buff color to reflect the surrounding colors....looks like there is going to be a opening/gate there too...wonder if the zoning setbacks mean anything in hieght restrictions at property lines facing a street....