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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some Possible Insight On The Green Valley Acadamy

Here is some excellent insight surrounding the proposed Green Valley Academy.  It was posted as a comment, but we feel it important enough for the front page.

By Greg Anderson

Keep an eye on the property at about 9000 E on Highway 39 (South side of the road). Somebody recently made some big holes in the ground, likely doing tests for a septic system. I'm told the property is about 8 acres. Is this the new, proposed site for a "Green Valley Academy" (or whatever it's going to be called next)? Perhaps.

A lot of folks feel that the Green Valley Academy team will try again soon and, this time, they'll simply call it a "school." Since schools are part of the conditional uses allowed already, they'll claim they're already allowed to do what they want to do. (Remember that, back in June, they were trying to convince their proposed neighbors that their intentions were simply a combination of already-approved conditional uses.)

It's too bad that telling the whole truth didn't work before so, now, they're apparently going to diminish "the whole story" in an attempt to be approved. So I ask whether we can trust them going into the future when they are, apparently, engaging in a pattern of being less up-front as time goes on. And who believed that they were telling "the whole story" before anyway? We still don't know why they withdrew their petition at the end of the summer.

But at least if the zoning isn't modified then maybe it'll put a stop to the GEM Committee's apparent desire to dot the Ogden Valley landscape with care centers.


Picasso said...

Greg, don't kid yourself. The Weber County Commissioner's have created the GEM Committee as a Trojan Horse to further only the interests of developers and commercial growth in Ogden Valley.

By selecting some Ogden Valley residents to participate on the GEM Committee, the Weber County Commission hopes that this gives them a legitimate platform to do anything they want without regard for the citizens of Ogden Valley. When they ignored the 3 acre minimum that had been in place in Ogden Valley to appease Powder Mountain, they showed their true colors.

The truth is, many in the Valley understand what the GEM Committee is really all about now, and we reject them as a legitimate representative of the Valley's interests.

Greg Anderson said...

The GEM Committee's web site says very little about who they are, how they are funded, how anyone becomes a "member" or how long this committee has existed. There's certainly nothing on their web site saying that they were created by the Weber County Commission. A lot of us would like to know more about them, since they certainly have the attention of the Weber County Commission. How is the GEM Committee related to the Ogden Valley Planning Commission? (The Ogden Valley Planning Commission's web site is part of the Weber County site. The GEM Committe web site is not.) The minutes from the most recent GEM Committee meeting show that there were 11 individuals there. Are these people self-appointed do-gooders? Do they have any authority beyond being a group of concerned citizens?

Most people in the Valley probably have never heard of the GEM Committee. The first I heard of them was when someone told me about a very poor proposal involving the old Valley School building.

So, GEM Committee, tell us. Who are you? Who paid for the video on your web page? How are you affliated with real estate professionals and/or developers?

The Wise One said...

9091 E.100S is the correct address

Pizza Man said...

The GEM Committee serves at the pleasure of the Weber County Commission. Therefore, any actions from the Committee must have the approval of the Commissioners. They steer clear of any contentious issues that may go contrary to the wishes of the Commissioners.