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Sunday, September 02, 2007

We start off this Sabbath morn with a previously overlooked Deseret News article from August 28th, "IS UTAH NEXT FOR A CAP ON HOME TAX?" But first a clarification: There may have been some unintended consequences with the 25 year old California legislation as there is with any legislation. Quite simply, you can never cover all your bases. However, 25 years have passed and at least 11 states have enacted some sort of tax relief.

We at the forum say examine the other state's initiatives and create one that works for Utah. We call that Prop 13 Type legislation. The Anti Tax relief lobbyists curiously leave out the "type" in their organized propaganda against tax relief.

Next, we read a letter to the SL Tribune from former Californian John A. Davidson who claims Proposition 13 passed because of "unbridled lust for additional tax revenue." That certainly sounds familiar in Weber County.

For a weekly dose of satire, Standard writer Mark Saal mentions his 43% tax increase.

We will conclude this morning with a series of articles and video from our neighbors on the Southeast side of the Valley. Congratulations to Father David who was recently elected to be the new Abbot of our own Trappist Monastery.

We are fortunate to have these great neighbors as there are only 12 such Trappist Monastery's in the U.S. Father David Altman, now Rev. David Altman, has been a member of the community for 41 years.

And finally, a Kutv 2 news story about our Trappist Friends.

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Anonymous said...

Suggestion...Keep taxation at the front of the blog since it directly effects every single soul in the Valley where other issues may or may not. The Blacksmith shop, rock crushing and Montestery are all very important but homeowner protections and property tax reform probably outrank just about every other issue. Just a suggestion.

Eden said...

We can definitely take the rock crusher petition off, as well as Sage Glen. I agree, the tax issue should be at the top for now.

Valley said...

Good ideas. We have tried to keep the property tax issue on the forefront while listing other news of local interest lower in the blog.

Over the past few weeks, we have received several spreadsheets of various tax related details from many sources, and will work toward setting up a seperate page on the blog with this information.

One of the inherent downsides of the blog format is that items tend to get pushed down by new postings. We will continue to keep the Tax issue the highest priority.