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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

*Prompt Action Required* Powder Mountain Rezone Request September 25th and More (Updated 9/25)

This is to remind all residents of Ogden Valley that an important decision on the Powder Mountain Rezone issue may be made on September 25th by the Ogden Valley Planning Commission.

The VCRD recommends that the Powder Mountain Rezone be tabled or denied, pending the passage of the Resort and TDR Ordinances, still being finalized. If this rezone is passed without the density controls provided by these pending ordinances, we can expect other developers and resort planners to file similar rezone petitions and continued unchecked development growth in Ogden Valley.

The VCRD staff suggests that all Valley citizens stay involved on these issues, attend the Commission meetings or Public Hearings, and continue to write to your Commission members to express your feelings.

Write to your OVPC at, remember to include your name and valley address.

If you have not signed the Powder Mountain Petition please look to the right of this message to find the Powder Mountain petition and sign by September 23.

Please forward this message or call those residents and neighbors not on line to get them involved on this important issue.

UPDATE: Be sure to read D-Bell's Speech before Utah Legislature’s Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee

Also, be sure to pick up and post your "FOR SALE - Can't Afford The Taxes" sign

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