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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Property Tax Appeal Deadline Monday

The deadline to file your Property Tax appeal is Monday. The more appeals we can submit, the better for all as the deputy Assessor has stated if many are submitted from a certain area, then that area will be reassessed. He would not be pinned down when asked, "How many?"

We suggest you file an appeal, even if you were not planning on it, as it will ultimately help your neighbor and will make a strong statement. The County has stated they will accept appeals postmarked by September 17, 2007, although we would suggest hand delivery.

We also hear that D-Bell(click to view his missives) and Huntsville Town Councilman Richard Sorensen, will be delivering the petitions requesting a reassessment of all Valley properties. The petitions currently have 1,019 signatures, but there is room for more. If you have not yet signed, do it now by clicking on the petition link in the right column.

From yesterday's Standard, we read the "State Hears Davis Relief Plan."

And today, we read The family of a Huntsville woman who died from invasive meningococcal meningitis earlier this year wants to remind parents to get their children vaccinated against the deadly disease.

Kudos to her father, Cory Thompson of Huntsville, for his generosity and dedication to getting the word out and assisting with vaccinations.

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