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Monday, September 17, 2007

Stay Focused and Involved


We just received a tip that our local Property Tax Wingman, D-Bell, will discussing our Tax issues during the KTVX 4 news at 4, 6 and 10pm tonight. Be sure to tune in!

Also, be sure to read today's Salt Lake Tribune Article, "Huntsville homeowners boil as property taxes soar"

Blogmeister's Note: Today (Monday, September 17th) is the deadline to file an appeal with Weber County for your Property Tax Assessment. Don't forget to bombard the Assessor's office with your appeals!

But there are other important issues that face us, and the first is a PUBLIC HEARING tonight. We are rerunning a post from about two weeks ago with details.

As Ogden Valley residents we are under severe pressure these days with substantial property tax increases and an endless stream of developer petitions that demand continued involvement on many development issues.

While the current property tax issue is front and center now with many residents, there are other items simultaneously happening that can have an adverse affect on Ogden Valley if we don't remain engaged.

The three draft Ogden Valley ordinances are moving through the Planning Commission work sessions. We will have the first Public Hearing September 17th at 5PM on the draft Sensitive Land Ordinance. You can view this draft ordinance with Planning Committee changes on the Weber County web site at

Concurrently, developer petitions like the Powder Mountain Rezone request and the amendment request to the CV-2 zone at Old Snowbasin Road should not be placed on our mental back burner.

The Powder Mountain Rezone if granted without the controlling effects of the Resort Zone and TDR Ordinances will add to the increased land values and ultimately to even higher property taxes. It will also open the flood gates for Snow Basin and Wolf Creek to seek similar rezone petitions and the unchecked upward spiral in density, property values and taxes will continue. The Powder Mountain rezone hearing will be on the 25th of September and all concerned residents should make themselves heard by being at the meeting and/or writing to the Ogden Valley Planning Commissioners.

The request to amend the restricted CVR-1 zone at Hwy. 39 and Old Snow Basin Road will be heard by the OVPC on September 13 at 5PM. Lifting the restrictions on this zoning could have a negative affect on the overall usage of the site and impact on the scenic corridor along Hwy. 39.

The VCRD staff suggests that all Valley citizens stay involved on these issues, attend the Commission meetings or Public Hearings, and continue to write to your Commission members to express your feelings. Write to your OVPC at, remember to include your name and valley address. If you have not signed the Powder Mountain Petition please look to the right of this message to find the Powder Mountain petition and sign by September 21.

Your VCRD Staff

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