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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ogden Valley For Sale Signs, Property Tax Hearing, Powder Mountain Rezone and Letter from UDOT regarding Ogden Canyon concerns

Update at 11 AM Wednesday - For Sale - Can't Afford the Taxes Signs Are Available - Click for details

UPDATE at 11:30 PM 9-18-07

See you at the State Capitol, Ogden Valley! (If you are not recieving our updates, add your email address to our "Subscribe Me" link in the right column.)

There are several important items today.

Be sure to attend the:

Public Hearing on Property Taxes for the Utah Legislature's Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

3:30 PM

W135 House Building, State Capitol Complex, Salt Lake City

Comments may be sent to taxcomment@utah.govIt will be important that we pack the building and let the Legislature know we are serious about tax reform.

Our own "Wingman" D-Bell is on the agenda and could use your support. Arrive early for good parking and seating. By the way, D-Bell had a guest commentary in Today's Standard.

Also, we just heard that the Ogden Valley - "For Sale - Can't Afford The Taxes" Signs" will be available Wednesday afternoon, and

ABC 4 News featured Huntsville Town for sale on Monday. Click here to view the segment which featured Huntsville residents D-Bell and Richard Sorensen.

Click the sign for details.
Ogden Valley For Sale Signs

Next, Powder Mountain will once again be seeking a MAJOR rezone during a hearing on September 25, 2007. More details will follow, so mark your calendars and be sure to sign the petition.

Lastly, Larry Zini just received this reply from UDOT regarding his concerns over large truck usage of Ogden Canyon. Click on the image to make larger.

That's all for now..... SEE YOU AT THE STATE CAPITAL!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bell: If you all want support from Ogden Valley - you need to expand to include Ogden Valley. The property tax issue is not just limited to Huntsville!

Minor Machman said...

Every breath I breath includes "all over this Valley" Please listen. Huntsville Town is where I live and where I have analyzed the parcel data (265 of them spending 100 hr.s in a week up until one AM) I have no staff and no help to analyze the entire Ogden Valley and Canyon unless you would like to volunteer? Therefore: I use Huntsville as a statistical sample of the entire valley. Please contribute and don't criticize. I am very tired of fighting everyone's battles for them and just don't need the sniping right now. Got to continue three days of research toward a speech tomorrow in Salt Lake. Will I see you there?

Minor Machman said...

Val. I talked with Bryant Howe at the House Building, Capital Complex. He said the room number published was his error and it should be room W135 instead of W130 as posted/advertised. Probably doesn't make much difference. Go to East side of Capital for parking and enter the "House Building". Meeting actually begins at 2:00 PM but the part we are most intereted in is at 3:30 p.m.

Valley said...

Thanks MM,

We will make the change. And we certainly concurr that Mr. Bell has worked tirelessly for weeks. While he mentions Huntsville, we can assure you he is fighting for the entire Valley and even the entire state.

Jump on the bandwagon, put up your "FOR SALE" sign, and meet us at the Capital Wednesday.