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Monday, September 10, 2007

Ogden Valley Tax Revolt - part 21!

According to today's Standard, well over 100 (we would guess more like 150 - 200 as they were lined up chaotically outside as well as inside) Huntsville Residents packed the Huntsville Town Hall Saturday night to have Ogden Valley Realtors provide a Market Analysis of their Property. The goal was to reduce the assessed value of the properties, which in turn will reduce the assessed tax.

We also read that the county expects over 2000 appeals, although to date they have only received 675. The deadline is September 17, so time is critical if you have not yet submitted your appeal.

From the September 7 issue, we hear rumblings of several state legislators who are planning property tax relief for seniors. While we at the forum are optimistic, we don't hold much hope of the legislature passing a bill that would provide WIDESPREAD tax relief. We must turn up the heat and keep applying the pressure.

For more tax related info, be sure to check our sister page which will be updated over the next few days.

UPDATE: 9:00 am

All great minds think alike, and the following was posted concurrently by our VCRD staff:

Help for property tax appeals.

Thanks to the dedication of Richard Sorensen, Huntsville City Councilman, and several Real Estate volunteers, many residents of Huntsville received help regarding their property tax appeals Saturday night at the Huntsville Town Hall.

The resident response exceeded all expectations and indicates the importance of this issue to all.

We urge all Valley residents that wish to appeal their property tax assessment, to do so before Sept. 17th of this year. Read the story in Sunday's Standard Examiner about details. There is a story on the front page and also in the Top of Utah section. If you need any help, contact Mountain Valley Realty (745-4141), Gage Froerer & Assoc (745-4221) and John Allaire (745-2619)

Your VCRD Staff

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