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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Site Upgrades

We have been making many improvements to the Forum with hopes of making this a "one stop shop."

The property tax issue is obviously huge, so we have created a page dedicated to the issue - Ogden Valley Tax Revolt - and it will include links to many local articles and news reports about the ongoing tax fight.

From there, you can link to other tax related sites such as D-Bell's "Wingmen for Property Tax Re-Forum" and a page we created for State Legislator Gage Froerer's submissions. The link for the Ogden Valley "For Sale - Can't Afford the Taxes" site is also there.

These links have been modified with graphics - simply click on the graphic in the right column and you will be "linked" to the site.

We are also looking at the creation of pages for candidates for the upcoming elections in Huntsville, but in the future will include County candidates as well. If you have any questions we can direct to the Huntsville Candidates, please post below or email to We will compile the questions and include them in our political pages.

More improvements are planned and be sure to sign up for our email updates using the form in the right column. As an added bonus, we have included a sign up link below. As always, no spam, just updates on local issues.

Sign up for all by clicking the email icon next to "Reading List by Feedblitz"

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