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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ogden Valley FOR SALE

We were just informed that one of the council members in Huntsville is looking into PUTTING THE TOWN FOR SALE. More specifically, every lot and residence in town, with the concurrence of support of the property owner of course.

More specifically, he is looking into purchasing hundreds of all weather posterboard signs (similar to campaign signs) which would state, "FOR SALE - Can't afford the taxes!"

He is formulating the initial order, but the cost with a wooden stake would be about $1 each (maybe a bit less with volume).

This would certainly generate local and state press to our plight, and probably even national media attention.

If you would like a sign, contact Richard Sorensen immediately as he will place the order VERY soon based on interest. Also, please let him know if you would consider being a distribution point for your area.


Minor Machman said...

If the Huntsville Town Council will cooperate, we can price in all the infrastructure, snow removal equipment, road maintenance equip., back hoe, trucks, culinary water equipment pipelines and state of the art filtration systems, secondary water, park with gazebo and bowerys, Play grounds, tennis court, basket ball goals and courts, soccor field equip., volleyball court, 40 acres for the Town Dump, buildings, etc. Add to that all the businesses, residences and parcels at the full Weber County assessor bogusly assessed market values. Then I propose we put a banner over the Welcome to Huntsville sign saying "Town for Sale - taxed out." Finally, I believe Huntsville Town should begin proceedings (very publicly)to simply dis-incorporate and abandon all the services residents already pay for without getting any credits or reduced tax rate. This would put the shoe on the other foot leaving the County responsible for all our road maintenance, snow removal, etc., etc. We are and have been double taxed and double paying for these services. But what I want will take some testerone. We'll have to see if the Mayor and Town Council have the fortitude to back this tax revolt with all our resources instead of wimping out like was already done with the previous meetings over rebates.

Anonymous said...

I am a strong support of property tax reform in "Ogden Valley". I strongly suggest we all work from an Ogden Valley perspective not just a Huntsville perspective.

Minor Machman said...

As goes Huntsville Town so goes the Valley.