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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Huntsville area CVR-1 change denied!

Ogden Valley Planning Commission meeting on September 13, 2007

Huntsville Area:

The petition by the new property owner to lift the restrictions on the CVR-1 property at Old Snowbasin Road and Hwy 39 was denied by a unanimous vote of the Ogden Valley Planning Commission. This means that the proposed 35 foot high building will not be constructed and the approved condo/tel commercial plan will remain intact if the land is devleoped.

Liberty Area:

The petition to rezone the property at approximately 4022 N. and 3500 E. in Liberty was approved with specific requirements. The new owner must start the development within 2 years (he wanted 5), he must follow the conceptual design as shown during his presentation to blend with the rural character of the Valley, and parking must be in the back. Should the owner fail to begin development within the 2 year period the property will revert to the current zoning.

Your VCRD Staff

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