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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Powder Mountain Rezone Tabled Again!

UPDATE - 9/27/07 From the 9/26 Standard Examiner, Ogden Valley Rezone on Hold

At last night’s Ogden Valley Planning Committee meeting the rezone request for Powder Mountain was tabled until October 23 without Commission discussion or public input. However, the OVPC did set a date for their members to make a field trip to Powder Mountain to view the areas involved in the request. This trip has been scheduled for Friday, Oct. 12 at 1PM. The Commission was asked if the public could accompany them on the trip. They had no problem with the request but Staff indicated they should check with legal because County vehicles will be used for the trip. We will follow up with Staff next week and let you know their response.

Another item on the agenda was a discussion only, no action required by the OVPC. The discussion was initiated by Ron Catanzaro, the Ski Lake developer, on his concept of establishing an overlay nightly rental zone for, first, his residential home development, the Chalets, located off Old Snowbasin Road and backing onto Hwy. 39. His idea also included expanding the overlay zone to other, similar developments in the Valley. Five different individuals from all over Ogden Valley spoke against this proposal. The OVPC commission did not appear to be receptive to this concept and the message was clear to Mr. Catanzaro that this type of zoning change was not in the best interest of the Ogden Valley.

Your VCRD Staff


Anonymous said...

Who will be left to care about such things unless we fix these property taxes? Only resort owners and their clients or where do they want an airport? You know like Ketchum,ID....

Anonymous said...

Traffic at the 4 way stop at the bottom of the Powder Mountain road is already horrendous. Does this proposal look at traffic congestion? Who is going to pay for putting sewer and water up to the top of that plateau? Impact fees should be substantial before anyone even thinks about this. Weber county is only part of this expansion, is anyone cordinating with Cache county re that part of the development? If this whole area was looked at as one development, I think people would see this as a MUCH larger impact than just the Weber side.